New Free App to Help Visitors in Dublin Trace Their Irish Ancestors

I wish this had been available when I was in Dublin a few months ago! The following announcement was written by Ancestor Network and announced this morning at RootsTech:

Dublin, Ireland, and Salt Lake City, Utah; Wednesday, 8 February 2017

ancestor_networkAncestor Network, Ireland’s leading provider of professional genealogy and probate research, has just released at RootsTech 2017 a free, new and interactive Irish Genealogy Research App; Your Dublin Map Guide to Irish Genealogy and History Sources. This ‘Ancestor Network’ App displays a list of the leading Dublin-based libraries, archives, research centres, historic sites and museums. These are linked to a detailed interactive map of Dublin containing supplemental information such as physical and web address location, contact details, and opening hours.

This App functions as your historical and genealogical guide in navigating through the streets of Dublin and to make the most of your time visiting or researching in Ireland.

Within the App, there is also an Irish sources guide for visitors and researchers to be able to easily discover where to locate birth, marriage and death records, church records, land records, military records, prisons and legal records, newspapers and graveyards, information on emigration, workhouses, maps and place names. This list is also interactive so that you can link to any of these sources websites to learn more about each one.

You can easily download this free app from the App Store by simply searching Ancestor Network.

The App was developed in Dublin by Ancestor Network in objective C and XCode, using Apple map and is compatible on IOS 9+ working on all Apple devices IPhone and IPad.

John Hamrock, Managing Director of Ancestor Network Ltd., noted, “With our team of genealogists and historians providing advice to roots tourists in Ireland over the years, we noted that visitors would benefit with having an interactive tool at their fingertips with a detailed map on where to locate the key repositories and what records are available in each. This free app is a great resource for visitors and locals alike in Dublin find that elusive ancestor.”

Hamrock added, “We encourage users and those centres listed on our app to provide feedback on how the app can be improved even further. I am delighted to be participating this week at RootsTech in Salt Lake City from 8 – 11 February 2017 to introduce our app to the genealogy and technology community here, particularly at today’s very appropriate Innovator Summit. RootsTech is the largest genealogy/technology trade event in the world with thousands of visitors and hundreds of exhibitors and speakers. RootsTech 2017 is a perfect time to launch our innovative Irish genealogy App. Last, but not least, we would like to extend a special thanks to Aspire Digital in Dublin who helped us with the design and functionality of the App.”


This is supposed to be created for visiting genealogists but does not include the full-time free Genealogy Advisory Service at the National Archives of Ireland. It includes the Genealogy Advisory Service at the National Library of Ireland but does not mention that it is free. Visitors to Dublin do not need an appointment for these services. There are alternative services that you pay for, but the free ones are run by vetted professionals with years of experience so no need to pay.


Dick I could not find the app when I searched the app store on my Samsung phone. Is this only for Ios?


    Correct. That was mentioned in the above article: “The App was developed in Dublin by Ancestor Network in objective C and XCode, using Apple map and is compatible on IOS 9+ working on all Apple devices IPhone and IPad.”


Marishal, This is just to create publicity for Ancestor Network. They don’t mention that they run the fee paying advisory service noted at #2 on their list, Irish History Hub.

Also, the same people at the Hub are paid by Ancestor Network to run the free family history service at the National Library!!

Go figure!!


What is wrong with those great thinkers in Ireland? Everyone else has developed apps for both iphones and Android. Unless I have been mislead, I understand more people use android than iphones, plus,I understand that there are more apps available for android.


Shame it’s only for the Apple users! Thanks for the info which I was delighted to read – alas! until I realised I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of it on my Android phone & tablet. Once they get the feedback, hopefully, the creators of it will consider making it available to all!?


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