(+) How Lithuanian Descendants Can Obtain Dual Citizenship and a Lithuanian Passport

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lithuanian-passportDual citizenship is a very handy thing. Not only can you honor your ancestors, but dual citizenship often can open new opportunities for employment, retirement, travel, and more as well. If today’s political climate encourages you to move to a new home overseas in “the old country,” citizenship in that country can make things much easier. Citizens of most countries are welcomed “home” without a need for immigration documents, residency permits, or other paperwork.

Several countries offer citizenship to descendants of those who left many years ago, including Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Mexico, and Australia. The rules for obtaining citizenship based on an ancestor’s citizenship vary widely. In some countries, the grandchildren of emigrants are eligible for citizenship while other countries only extend citizenship to children, not grandchildren, of emigrants. In addition, Israel’s “Law of Return” automatically grants Israeli citizenship to all Jews as well as to non-Jews who are either children or grandchildren of a Jew, the spouse of a Jew, or the spouse of a child or grandchild of a Jew. Last September, I wrote about obtaining citizenship in each of these countries in a Plus Edition article that is still available at http://eogn.com/wp/?p=41348.

In all cases, you are not required to give up your current citizenship. Instead, you can enjoy dual citizenship. That is, you can be a citizen of both countries and even legally carry two passports, one from your old country and one from your newly-adopted country.

Now Lithuania has recently offered citizenship to descendants of former nationals, even to the great-grandchildren of former Lithuanian citizens.

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