Presidential Ancestry

With Presidents’ Day in the U.S. next Monday, this is a good time to look at the ancestry of the U.S. presidents. After all, if your ancestors have been in the U.S. for 100 years or more, there is a strong possibility that your ancestry intersects with at least one of the U.S. presidents. The same can be said for many others of Canadian, British, Scottish, or Irish ancestry, as well as a few from the European continent.


You can find many sources of information about U.S. presidential genealogy. Probably the most scholarly resource is Gary Boyd Roberts’ book, Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States.

The Web is full of information about U.S. presidential ancestry, but with varying degrees of accuracy. Here is a list of some of those pages:

President Genealogy at

Genealogy of the U.S. presidents:

Presidential Genealogy and Family History:

Ancestry of George W. Bush:

Ancestry of George Washington:

Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln:

Descendants of Abraham Lincoln:

Ancestry of John F. Kennedy:

Gerald R. Ford Genealogical Information:

Ancestry of Rutherford B. Hayes:

Ancestry of Bill Clinton:

Ancestry of Barack Obama:

Ancestry of Donald Trump:


I find this kind of stuff very interesting. I once saw a list of various celebrities and their relationships to presidents. The most surprising one was that between Abraham Lincoln and Elvis Presley. It was something like fourth cousins, twice removed.


Ancestors of American Presidents, Gary Boyd Roberts
Your library will probably have some version of it. It may be the version after Clinton, or after Bush II, or after Obama, etc. A new version with Trump’s genealogy will probably be released in the next year, if past history is a guide.
This book presents ahnentafels of American Presidents, generally going back six generations. It also shows charts of how various presidents are cousins to one another and or descendants of royalty or royal lines.


Good list, with some I had not seen before. But Familypedia’s single page covers every president, which most of those sites do not, and it shows more ancestors for some presidents than some of those do. Check it out; corrections and additions welcome – see it at


Wargs has many more presidents than Bush! WAR worked at the Library of Congress so not only had the skills but also the access to the info.


Christine Czarnecki February 18, 2017 at 2:39 am

The best online resource for the presidential genealogies is, the phenomenal website created by the late Leo van de Pas. He has reputable, professional genealogical sources for every entry, and worked with and was respected by many professional genealogists.

Go to the home page, enter the name, then select the correct person. After you bring up the Individual page, select the Ancestors tab, and you will be able to go back on each line as far as he has sources.


I appear to have two lines to being cousins with Thomas Jefferson, which was a great surprise to me! Working on my genealogy for many years has been just a fun and rewarding pastime, but I was never seeking royalty or VIPs! My current goal is to document my ancestry as well as possible for my grandchildren.


Wikitree has all of the presidents and their ancestry. If you’re a member, you can check your relationship. I’ve never done that because I don’t care if I’m related to a president.


Aaron February 21, 2019 at 10:55 pm

My direct ancestors have been here for 303 years. Another line has been here for 353 years. 1716 & 1663.


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