Iowa is Issuing new Birth Certificates

The Iowa Department of Public Health says parents whose children were born between May 1993 and October 2009 should exchange their child’s birth certificate for a new one. Children born between those dates were issued a wallet-sized certificate. The cards do not have enough information to be used as identification. The wallet-sized certificates, in some cases, lack information that federal or state agencies need for you to prove your identity

More than 630,000 birth certificates in Iowa need to be exchanged.

Details may be found on the KCCI website at:


Puerto Rico did the same quite some time ago… so many birth certificates had been copied/stolen/ID theft’d, that the Puerto Rico advised people to order new ones that are in a new/different format


They’ve been telling us it will be free to exchange them, but the only free way, as of right now, is to go to Des Moines, in person. The online and by mail methods cost money (mail is $20). My two children just got passports in December with the small ones, so not sure it’s even a problem. Seems like it’s just a way to get some money out of folks, unless they change it so that it’s free to to do online as well. We live 2.5 hours from Des Moines…..


When I was born in Ohio many decades ago, my parents received a postcard with the birth information and an official stamp. It served as my birth certificate until after college when I got a job in the defense industry; then I had to get a ‘real’ one.




As of a few months ago, some Missouri record (I think it was driver licenses) didn’t meet DHS guidelines. This was a deliberate anti-federal reaction by the Republican Missouri legislature. However, it will have real repurcussions, as the current driver licenses from Missouri will soon not work at airports.


My parents received a wallet-sized card with my name and a statement that a record of my birth was filed in Detroit on a specific date (the date the record was filed, not my birth date.). That’s all the info it has. It has the official seal embossed on it. I’ve been using it since the ’70s and it really irks the people requesting it because it has virtually NO information on it, but it IS an official, state issued record of birth. Of course, most people have never seen anything like this so they just stare at it for a while and end up accepting it.
Sort of like when my future wife and I went into the county clerk’s office to get our marriage license and she pulled out her birth certificate, which was a full-sized piece of paper written all in German (her father was stationed in Munich at the time.) The clerk just stared at it and my wife pointed out her name and that was all the clerk needed. It may of well been a traffic ticket.


    David Paul Davenport March 1, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    I’m not sure that the “problem” with your birth certificate is that it is a wallet-sized document from Detroit. I am more suspicious that the issue is really that of your name, Tenn Tuxedo !


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