Actress Julie Bowen on Who Do You Think You Are? Sunday on TLC

On this Sunday’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? at 10/9c on TLC, actress Julie Bowen uncovers fascinating stories of her ancestors on both sides of her family, including her 3x paternal great-grandfather, Francis Julius LeMoyne. Julie learns that Francis was a highly sought after speaker and a radical abolitionist who risked his life and the lives of his family to help free fugitive slaves. Julie notices the parallels between the work of her ancestor with what’s going on in today’s world.

You can catch a sneak peek of the episode here:


enough of actresses and actors and their ilk on who do you think you are – it is geetting to be so laughable – I watched one episode when it first came out and very unimpressed. Ask an acotor who they think they are , if they ansowered well today I am a ship’s captain and tomorrow I will be a pizza tosser – yeaterday I was blackmailer. They are nobodies and I don’t see what people think is so wonderful about them.

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    Barbara, maybe you should watch more than one episode before deciding to hate it? The series isn’t about the celebrities; it’s about their (usually) unknown, average ancestors.


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the show and was so excited that Julie is a distant Cousin on 2 different lines. I am guessing you are not even a genealogy novice. I am a very knowledgeable Genealogist and learn something new on every episode.


    Idiots! That’s not what she’s talking about. Who gives a crap about the shows? You can’t assume the collective being & presence of the characters you portray. The person you are depends on what you do & say, how you treat others even those you don’t like or identify with. It’s whether life has taught you to be a good person. Take the road less traveled.


Julie Bowen’s ancestry has been known for so long that it’s on Wikipedia. She comes from a very blue-blooded background, which she’s talked about in interviews. Are they really going to pretend that it’s news to her?

The same thing happened with Aisha Tyler last season — she wrote about her family years ago and it had even been featured on PBS. Plus Brooke Shields in the first season, and who knows how many others…

It’s really disappointing that they aren’t truly discovering anything in some episodes and are just telling “shocked” celebrities what they already knew. There are so many celebrities to pick from, so they ought to do better. As a former TV producer, I’m urging them to do better.

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Hmmm…Did you happen to see the one about Courtney Cox, which aired last week, March 5th? She had me convinced that she was surprised about her 18th, 19th and 26th grandfathers.


Why is it always “celebrities”? Why not just regular folks?


    Exactly, free genealogy for those who can afford to have it done. People like me have to pay for our own on Also I couldn’t help but be angered by the fact that Ms. Bowen was so offended by one great grandfathers choice to protect American citizens from American citizen that may have felt an allegiance to their mother country, during a world war. Yes some of the group went a bit too far, but isn’t that always the case, look at DC. Allowing people to come here and do whatever is what got us planes flying into the sides of skyscrapers and the death of so many of our citizens.


Would be nice to hear more ancestory history about ..sorry to say …more famous actors …I didn’t have a clue who this person was (Julie Bowen) might have just been Sandy Jones. Asking yourself who is Sandy Jones …exactly … need I say more.
Would be nice to see more persons of various stature and careers, not always movie stars.


I saw this episode with Julie Bowen and I heard the last name Lemoine,but her relative was spelled LeMoyne. I wonder if it is just a different spelling. I know my anceztor Francoise Lemoine came from France to Quebec and married in 1666. She was one of the Filles Du Roi, or Kings Daughters. I wonder if they were somehow related.


I love this show, but I had to stop watching this episode because Julie Bowen was so over acting I couldn’t get past that to listen to information on her ancestors. She kept working her jaw, saying “Wow” like a teenager (which she is not) and talking very slowly like she had a hard time comprehending what people were telling here. I do look forward to the next episode though.


    Got her political diatribe about Muslims out there didn’t she. NO more API! I love the way people skip through history and apply today’s situations (and mistruths) and don’t even realize what went on with FDR. Sorry I grew up in the middle of Japanese farmers. After the war some returned and I went to school with their children who had also been incarcerated. As for geneology, there is a flaw. In yesteryear some people were part of the census if they were officials, landed, etc. Poor little nobody named John Smith wasn’t, but one on record is the one picked to be an ancestor. There is also an assumption way back when that wives were faithful. I saw a story on Reba McIntyre. Mentioned her great, great whatever grandfather was a NINE year old indentured servant from England. Another show of this ilk concentrated on her slave owning ancestors. People came from Canada for example and didn’t have paperwork. I knew a few old folks who were part of that. I did like Henry Gates earlier shows. Of course he concentrated on blacks and it was enlightening to all of us. I used to watch his show faithfully, this one is too too, if you know what I mean.


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