PaperPort Professional 14

If you are drowning in paper, having a difficult time managing all the documents you have amassed in your genealogy research, you might want to look at PaperPort Professional 14. It is useful for genealogy work as well as for dozens of other uses as well. I have written in the past about document management with Evernote and with OneNote. However, Nuance PaperPort Professional 14 could be described as the “industrial strength replacement” for either Evernote or OneNote. Even better, the price of PaperPort Professional 14 recently dropped from $200 to $59.99. Amazon has an even lower price: $44.99.

PaperPort provides a single way to scan paper, create PDF files, and access, view, edit, and convert your files on your PC. (It is only available for Microsoft Windows; there is no Macintosh version.)

PaperPort has long had the distinction of being a leading product for document management. It allows the user to sort, file, and organize even tens of thousands of documents and to retrieve any of them within seconds. The latest version 14 has now added some capabilities to smoothly work with the cloud, allowing the user to quickly retrieve or even to share document with users of Windows personal computers, netbooks, tablets, and smart phones.

PaperPort Professional 14 will turn any application file into 100% industry-standard PDF file or merge multiple files and formats into a single PDF file. It then safeguards confidential information. Your documents can be viewed by anyone you give explicit permission to view them but no one else can view any of your documents. Access is provided on a document-by-document basis: you can give any other person permission to view one, a few, or even all of your files. As the PaperPort Professional 14 user, you remain in control of who can or cannot view your documents.

The program will create digital images of documents either in the proprietary MAX format or in the industry-standard PDF format. MAX files and only be viewed, not edited. However, PDF files may be edited in many different ways, almost the same as you would edit a document in a word processor. You can also merge multiple PDF files together to make multiple-page documents, even an entire book.

The new feature of “documents in the cloud” is called PaperPort Anywhere. You can set any folder or folders on your PaperPort 14 desktop to sync with PaperPort Anywhere, and the folders will remain synched until and unless you unlink them. Synching the folders basically gives you a mirror site in the cloud.

The PaperPort Anywhere feature is also where you give permission to others to view your documents. You, or anyone else you let access site, can get to the files from any device with a browser as well as from Android and iOS devices. Any changes you make on either your own system or in the cloud—including deleting files or folders, adding them, or editing files to update them—will automatically show up at the other location.

PaperPort Professional 14 also includes built-in Evernote integration. Any document can be saved in PaperPort or in Evernote or in both. Nuance also includes the free Starter Edition of its Cloud Connector program, as a separate, standalone application. The program can connect PaperPort to an assortment of online services, including Google Docs,, Windows SkyDrive, and about 25 more.

The program requires Microsoft Windows® XP 32-bit or Windows Vista™ 32 or 64-bit or Windows 7. Again, there is no Macintosh version. PaperPort Professional 14 also includes a 30 day money back guarantee.

The new, low price of $59.99 is being advertised as a “tax time special.” I have no idea if it is a limited time promotion or if the price reduction will be permanent.

You can learn more or even purchase PaperPort Professional 14 online at or you can also purchase if for $44.99 from Amazon at:


For those in the Mac world, you might take a look at the bevy of low-cost apps from I am using PDFtor ($15) to convert and merge hundreds of genealogy files & images to a common PDF format to pass on to my kids. Works like a charm!


I have been using paper port for about 20 years. My firt experience was with a free version that came with a Cannon Scanner. I found out it would run any and all scanners.. I have Paper port 14 now. wonder if I should up grade to the pro version?


It’s curious that a newly updated product like this does not run on Windows 10, only on XP, Vista, and Win 7.


Was that a typo that indicates it won’t run on any MS OS past W7?


Rollie Littlewood March 11, 2017 at 7:16 pm

I’m not sure where “newly updated product” comes from. Version 14 was introduced in either late 2011 or early 2012. An update to version 14.5 was announced in January of 2015. The list of supported browsers dates back to that time frame (e.g., Firefox 3).


Will Paperport Prof 14 scan text into OCR format?


    Paperport will can OCR into word.
    The other thing I use this program for is printing off the web into it.
    I use a PDF format and can choose 200-300- or 400 dpi for the text quality


I have been using Paperport Ver 14 for 10 years plus now. Works great for all of my genealogy (and other) files. I am currently using it on a Windows 10 PC without a hitch.

It say here it does support Windows 10.
I used to use PaperPort and loved it, but discontinued using it when it went up so much in price. Think I’ll go back to it now!


Version 14 of Paperport 11 was released in 2011.
Since that release, they have not done any new feature releases.
They have done several bug releases including the latest v. 14.5 (Dec 2015) which does run on Windows 10.

It has been mostly stable for me. It works reasonably well.

Many people have problems with it including data corruption issues. There are many complaints about support. There are issues with scanner support.

There are many licensing problems with Paperport having to do with their registration server which knows exactly what PC you have. If you try to move to a new PC, you will have to uninstall & unregister it on your older PC before you can re-register on the new PC. Many people have problems with this process.

If you go with PaperPort, make sure you track the google group.!forum/paperport

Do they really have PaperPort Anywhere cloud? Nuance still has a 4 year old posting on their web site saying that this service was discontinued. If they restored it, they forgot to update this article.


I was really interested in this product until I reviewed observations by owners of the program. If the evaluations are credible looks like a problematic product. If anyone buys it maybe that person will give a report.


Does PaperPort Pro14 completely nullify the use of OneNote and EverNote, making those applications redundant, or does it simply complement them? Thank you.


I use PaperPort 11 because it was the only software that came with my scanner. I find it quite complicated compared to the proprietary programs that HP used to provide with their scanners. There are How-to guides with this program bit I don’t find them helpful. What I would like to have is a “PaperPort for Dummies” book. Does anyone know of one? I have been paying my grandchildren to scan a photo collection for me, and I’d like to be able to give them something to refer to that is smarter than I am.


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