Actress Jennifer Grey to Appear on Who Do You Think You Are? Sunday on TLC

Jennifer Grey on Who Do You Think You Are?

On this Sunday’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? at 10/9c on TLC on US television, actress Jennifer Grey uncovers the truth about the emigrant grandfather she thought she knew, learning how he survived adversity to become a beacon of his community. Jennifer also uncovers the devastating tragedy that stopped her great-grandmother from ever making it to America.

Catch a sneak peek of the episode at:


Ms. Grey, I saw your grandfather’s story and was deeply moved. Thank you for sharing it. Please make that into a movie or write a booked on this man’s life.


Love the series, and now I just adore Jennifer Grey what a delightful, kindhearted person I had no idea. Now I am definitely following her I her Amazon series Red Oaks.


Jennifer, I just caught this episode. I was totally intrigued because my grandfather was also from Russia and a pharmacist. He lived in Washington DC. My mother wanted him to teach her russian, but he wouldn’t. She also wanted to know about his family left behind, he didn’t want to talk about it. So she didn’t know much about our family over there. I would love to know how to get more information. I also recently found out that my father, who was adopted, was brought to the US from Germany. His father and mother sailed to Germany as 2, but came back as 3. I would love to hear more about where to find more
Thank you.


Hi, Jennifer…..we may be related.

My family name is Brower and my grandfather and great-grandfather were both printers. We lived in Jersey city and perhaps New York as well……still researching. Will reach out if it turns out we are related. I still live in New Jersey. Harper


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