D. Joshua Taylor Named as One of the “Movers & Shakers 2017 – Educators” by Library Journal

D. Joshua Taylor, President and CEO of New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, one of the hosts on PBS Television’s Genealogy Roadshow, former president (for four years) of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, and all-around “good guy” has received another honor. Library Journal has named Josh as one of the movers and shakers in the industry.

According to the magazine article, “Working with different libraries on the show and in other pursuits, Taylor has helped to highlight the many ways librarians are go-to resources for all genealogists, as guides to online services and by leveraging their own on-site collections.”

You can read the full article at: http://bit.ly/2n7zxE0.


D. Joshua Taylor puts a young, energetic, intelligent face on genealogy. Great choice by the Library Journal. Cache Valley loves you Joshua 🙂


I remembered having met him first time, he was with his grandparents (including that grandmother mentioned in article), at one of hosted luncheon in 2000. He was just a teenager, sharing same table. It was first time he have seen sign language interpreters in person sitting with me as well (the interpreters stayed with me for 3 days of FGS conference.)


I always enjoyed his appearances on Genealogy Roadshow. He was respectful to his patrons and it was evident that he had fun doing his job.
On a different theme, why is Genealogy Road show on indefinite hiatus?


    I ,too, enjoyed the Genealogy Roadshow. What I really appreciated was they took ordinary people and helped them with their genealogy as opposed to some shows where rich people, like Bill O’Reilly, are featured. These rich people could well pay to have their genealogies researched while we ordinary people often don’t have that kind of money.


Great article. Josh is energetic and enthusiastic about genealogy. He is a great teacher and truly a mover and shaker in the business. I am grateful to know him and learn from him as someone a bit senior to him. Josh is someone we can count on to give guidance in our research. It always amazes me to see what he is going to take on next.


I am looking forward to hearing him speak at the Ontario Genealogical Society Conference in June: https://conference2017.ogs.ca/


Congratulations to the “all-around good guy,” who makes genealogy exciting and accessible to all.


Joshua Taylor was the guest speaker at the Topeka, Kansas Conference this past weekend. His presentations are enjoyable as well as educational. He is a great speaker. We want to have his Grandmother at the next Conference!!


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