Announcing the 2017 British Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah on 18-22 September 2017

The following announcement was written by the International Society for British Genealogy and Family History (ISBGFH):

Don’t miss out on this amazing educational experience!

Choose one of the four tracks by prominent genealogists focused on British Isles research.
The Institute strives to further your education about the records and locations that are important to your genealogical research. Classes are intentionally small so that you can experience individual instruction, both in class and in the Family History Library.

“DNA as a Genealogical Tool”

Understanding DNA is the cutting edge of genealogical education. Maurice Gleeson, MB, genetic genealogist, based in London, will delve into the world of DNA and explain the various scientific resources available to the family historian with specific focus on British Isles research. This course of instruction is suitable to all persons wishing to understand the complexities of DNA and how it is applied to family history research.

“English Genealogical Research Before 1837”

Amy Harris, PhD, AG, Brigham Young University, will focus on pre-1837 genealogical research in England and explore those records and resources available to identify family before government registration and the census.

“Finding Irish Ancestors Before the Great Famine”

Fiona Fitzsimons, B.A., M.A., founder of the Irish Family History Centre (Eneclann), Dublin, will address the records and resources available to research and develop the family in Ireland before the great Famine (1840’s). The course will consider all the major online and archival collections, with a focus on interpreting documents to extract the full evidence and achieving results.

“Scottish Family History Research: Where and How to Find the Real Records”

Bruce Durie, PhD QG, Fellow, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, will explore the records and resources available in Scotland and online to develop the Scottish family. Those records are the best preserved, most complete and most accessible sets of records available but may not be part of the major digital databases so commonly utilized.

Sponsored by the International Society for British Genealogy and Family History (ISBGFH), all courses include classroom sessions held in the mornings at the Plaza Hotel and research in the afternoons at the Family History Library. For more information about courses, visit

Course registration includes a digital syllabus (print syllabus available for purchase), a Sunday evening social, and a ticket to the Monday evening banquet (guest tickets available for purchase). Rooms at the Plaza Hotel are available at a discounted rate of $89 single/double, $96 triple/quad, deluxe room $10 additional;  call 801-521-0130 or visit for more details.

Questions can be emailed to the Institute Director at

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