What is the Most Popular Computer Operating System? No, It Isn’t Windows.

For the first time in many years, Microsoft Windows in now the second-most popular operating system and is falling further behind. So what is the most popular operating system? Android.

Admittedly, the two operating systems are essentially tied. Web-analytics company StatCounter reports that Android now runs on 37.93 percent of all computers while Windows is used on 37.91 percent of the computers. Admittedly, that’s only a 0.02% difference and that is within the margin of statistical error.

However, Android held just 2.4 percent of global Internet usage share only five years ago. It is obvious that Android is growing rapidly while Windows is declining in use. Anyone who has been watching the statistics concerning the growth of “smartphones” and tablets along with the decline of PCs shouldn’t be too surprised.

StatCounter claims its findings are based on 2.5 million worldwide websites, which generate over 15 billion monthly page views.

What is the impact to genealogists? I don’t think Android is going to take over the genealogy marketplace for a few years yet, although the growth of Android systems certainly will continue. To see a list of today’s available Android genealogy applications, look at: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=genealogy&c=apps.


Well Microsoft has become a royal pain, half the time it crashes or stops working and there Outlook email they say is not secure unless up update to a 100 dollor a year version also when I bought my new computer running Windows eight I was supposed to be able to upgrade to ten for free even the techs at office Depot cannot get my computer to update to ten.


It all comes down to your definition of a computer. I think most people would initially think only of desktop and notebook computers. Of course there are many types of devices that contain computing ability, things like some wrist watches, mainframe computers, routers, industrial process controllers, smart phones, tablets, set top cable boxes and many, many other types of devices. Some of these use little known proprietary operating systems. If you look at the total number of computing devices available to the general user, probably android and windows are up there at the top along with all flavors of unix and linux considered as a group.


Interesting figures but you are looking at chalk and cheese.


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