Looking for Bodden or Bawden Ancestors With Relatives in the Cayman Islands

If your surname is Bodden or Bawden then it might be time to dig out the family tree – as you could be in line for a free holiday.

The Cayman Islands have launched an appeal to try and trace the descendants of their Cornish founding fathers, with the aim of flying them to the beach paradise to meet their distant relatives.

Eric Bush, Cayman Islands Representative to the UK, has asked anyone to get in touch who thinks they may be the descendants of a man named either Bodden or Bawden who left Cornwall in 1654 as part of Oliver Cromwell’s army to fight in the Anglo-Spanish war. It seems that the man named Bodden or Bawden became the first recorded settler of the previously uninhabited Cayman Islands in 1658. Now the Cayman Islands government would like to find true descendants and fly them to the islands to “take them out to Cayman and reconnect them with their family there”.

Details may be found in an article by Hayley Dixon in The Telegraph at http://bit.ly/2p8fR0f.

One Comment

Elizabeth Megan Bawden April 12, 2017 at 12:17 pm

meganbawden from Porthleven.


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