Genealogy Applications for Chromebooks

The subject came up today in another web site but I think it bears repeating here. I must admit that I love my low-cost Chromebook computer. (Chromebooks typically cost about $150 to $300 although there are a few high-end Chromebooks that cost more.) I am using my Chromebook more and more every day, including right now as I write this article.

The question was asked, “What genealogy programs are available for Chromebooks?”

I have looked at the list before but that was some time ago. Today I went back and looked at the same list again and was surprised that it has grown so much. There are a LOT of genealogy programs available for Chromebooks. Some of them are really Android programs that now run on many of the newer Chromebooks. See for the list. Most of them are available free of charge although there are a couple of exceptions.

You will see some familiar names on the list: MyHeritage, RootsMagic,, FamilySearch, and Heredis. Not so familiar, but I also like Family Bee. (There are two versions of Family Bee. Try the limited but free version first.)

One warning, however: the genealogy programs for Chromebooks generally are simple little programs, not as the full-featured genealogy programs that are available for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows.


I bought a Chromebook about a year ago, but found it did not support programs I need (like FamilySearch Indexing). I contacted FamilySearch and they confirmed there was no support, and no plans to change that. I returned it to Costco and got a small laptop for 2/3 of the price from DailySteals.


I have an Acer Chromebook 14 on which I run rootstrust via the Paperspace online virtual Windows system. I have also successfully run rootstrust on the Chromebook 14 using the MacinCloud and Frame virtual systems. I settled on Paperspace, since my configuration only costs $5 per month. For those interested, read the report at

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What genealogy apps are available for Mac?


I have Samsung chromebook.(early model) I USED to be able to access but as of last week(Jan 20, 2018) no longer can I get it. It is not accessable now and i am very upset about that!


    To CH Burton, Did you contact Ancestry? I have a Chromebook, too, and have had strange access problems a couple times. I called Ancestry. They walked me through clearing cache and cookies. That took care of it.


FYI, the RootsMagic Android app is read only.


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