Announcing the Release of Legacy Family Tree Version 9

Legacy Family Tree has long been one of the most popular genealogy programs for Windows Now the company has announced a major new upgrade.

Version 9 adds Hinting, tools, Stories, Hashtags, DNA Charts and more. Best of all, the company is offering a discounted price for anyone upgrading from an earlier version.

You can read all the details and even watch an online video describing Legacy 9 at:


I was somewhat disappointed in this Version 9 update, thinking there would be some earlier problems (a few years outstanding) and some newer issues that would have been addressed. I am sure that the new features will be welcome, but don’t think it was worthy of a full upgrade, rather than an update.

The synchronization with FamilySearch has always had some severe limitations that caused me to stop using the program (regretfully) since it did not allow FamilySearch sources to be brought into Legacy and attached to any event–rather limited to birth, marriage, death, burial. I did email Legacy about this omission and have yet to receive a reply.

Also, a needed synchronization feature by all FamilySearch users is ability to sync stories, photos, documents — i.e.–the Memories section. Ancestral Quest does this very well, but lacks other features loved and heralded by Legacy users. Again, email to Legacy about this–yet to receive a reply.

The newer features–Find A Grave (I also use Billion Graves, so nice, but not necessary), Hints (nice, but other ways to get this same info) and Cloud–I already use DropBox and if I were to try to “Cloud” Legacy and attached media, with limited Internet, I would not be able to do so.

I took a gamble when I purchased the upgrade and hope they will reply with some hope of fixing old problems and adding over-due upgrades.


When The Master Genealogist went belly up, Legacy immediately said that it would create a version to would import native TMG files. It took a while, but Legacy9 has that capability.


Looking forward to seeing some more comments from other Legacy users, especially anyone switching over from TMG.


One of the issues I have with on-line systems and their interaction with desktop software is the inability to automatically shift suffix detail across to other programs. e.g if I want to create a .ged file for Ancestry or Myheritage and I select the suffix data, it does not get uploaded at the other end. I have numerous instances in my large file where many people share the same first name & surname & the best way to distinguish between them is to have a suffix, such as Earl of… or of Pollok etc etc.


I could use hints on importing from TMG. The manual doesn’t address it, and TMG isn’t included in the list of programs enabled for direct import into Legacy 9.


Hate 9.0 can’t scroll in name list. Name list is sooooo slow to load.


    The name list in 9.0 took forever to load and scroll until I set the “tags to show” back to 3 tags. For some reason it defaulted to 9 tags on my install. It’s a lot faster now.


I just purchased Legacy v9 after reading that it had the capability to import TMG files. This does not appear to be the case. TMG was not listed amongst the files it could import. My only option was using a gedcom file. Not very impressed.


After 7 months since last posting, no indication that any improvement will be made in Synching sources with FamilySearch OR synching images, documents, stories. I wish, a year ago, I had not spent extra to upgrade my Legacy to 9 as I don’t use it at all.


As of today, March 22, 2018, Can Legacy Family Tree 9 import TMG v9.05 files directly not using GEDCOM? If so what are some of the problems in doing so?


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