Announcing the Release of GedSite version 1.5.1

This is a major upgrade to one of the best products for making web sites based on your genealogy data. The following announcement was written by Family History Hosting, LLC:

Catching Up with GedSite

Here are the new features in version 1.5.1, released today, and other recent changes

North Andover, MA – May 1, 2017Family History Hosting, LLC is pleased to announce GedSite version 1.5.1, the most recent release of the must-have tool for any genealogist creating web sites from GEDCOM files. Here are some of the features in today’s release and other releases from the past 60 days:

  • Box Charts allow you to add graphical descendant and pedigree charts to your site. The charts include an Accent facility where you can highlight members of the chart who pass criteria that you specify. So, for example, you can highlight your direct ancestors in a chart of all the descendants of one of your ancestors.
  • Relationship Charts show the relationship between two people in a box chart format that includes all the people in the lines of descent from a common ancestor. Relationship charts are an interesting way to show how you are related to a notable ancestor or cousin. Like GedSite’s other charts, you may use the Accent facility to highlight selected members of the chart.

  • New in v1.5.1, the Relationships Item adds relationship information to all the members of the site. So, for example, you add a Relationship Item to show how a person that is part of the site relates to a notable person. You might choose yourself as the notable person, an early progenitor, or some other person of interest.
  • Also new in v1.5.1, GedSite now includes Wizards to simplify the addition of some features to your site. The “Add Descendant Chart” Wizard, for example, leads you through the steps to add a descendant chart to your site. New users will find it easier to add content to their sites, and experienced users will appreciate that they can edit the resulting chart to customize it beyond the options provided by the Wizard.
  • GedSite includes an Image Gallery you can use to create one or more photo albums. This is a complement to the Exhibit Gallery feature. The Exhibit Gallery makes albums from media that you have added to your genealogy project. The Image Gallery makes albums from other media that you want to include in your site that is not directly linked to your genealogy project. For example, you might use an Image Gallery to show pictures taken at a family reunion.
  • The Calendar item adds a dynamic calendar to your site. The Calendar includes the anniversaries of events you choose, typically births, marriages, and deaths. The Calendar supports both month and day formats, and both formats update dynamically for your visitors. The day format defaults to showing today’s events, and the month format shows this month’s events, but your visitors can move forward or backward to see anniversaries from other days or months.
  • GedSite includes dozens of features for adding content to your site, and some of that content is provided in HTML. To make it easier for users who are not familiar with HTML, GedSite includes an HTML Editor. The “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor makes editing HTML similar to using a word processing program. Combined with some of GedSite’s content building blocks, like the Image User Item, the HTML Editor helps users create pages that are easy to read and understand.

Those are some of the features added in the past 60 days. They build upon, and integrate with, features that have been in GedSite from its earliest releases, such as support for sentence templates, Tag Sets, multilingual output, and GEDCOM extensions from Brother’s Keeper, Family Historian, Family Tree Maker, Heredis, Legacy, RootsMagic, Reunion, and other programs. For more information about those and other features, visit the GedSite home page.

About Family History Hosting, LLC

Family History Hosting LLC was founded in 2007 to provide first-class web hosting services for genealogists and family historians, and to publish genealogy software focused on web site creation.

One Comment

Holly Kilpatrick May 8, 2017 at 12:22 pm

This is THE best program, I just love it. So happy John Cardinal came out with it, and he publishes updates a couple times a month with new features.


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