Announcing c3 Heirlooms – a Web Server App for Recording the History of Family Heirlooms

Did you inherit any family heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation? If so, you need to record and preserve the history of each piece as you know it to make sure the history does not get lost for future generations. In fact, some history may have already been lost before the items came into your possession. You owe it to future generations to preserve whatever historical information you may have.

Scott Hampton, the creator of c3 Heirlooms, states on his web site:

“c3 Heirlooms was created to stop that trend and allow you and your family to easily record your heirlooms and their history. I created this because our family needed it. Maybe yours could use it as well.”

Some features are:

  • You can view all heirlooms, only those you have, or only those someone else has
  • Each heirloom can have it’s history recorded in an unlimited length
  • When an heirloom history is submitted, who submitted it and the date is permanently recorded
  • You can post up to 3 photos for each heirloom
  • You can assign an owner and location for each heirloom
  • Heirloom categories can be added as needed by the admin
  • The admin can set up as many users as desired
  • Only the admin can edit who owns an heirloom, or set up a new heirloom without submitting a history

c3 Heirlooms is a server side database app, meaning you’ll need to have access to a web server to use this. It requires PHP and MySQL to run. (If you are not familiar with the terms PHP and MySQL, I will suggest this is not an app for you to install. Seek some assistance from an experienced web server administrator, or check out the assistance that Scott Hampton is offering.)

c3 Heirlooms will not run on a home computer or laptop unless you are running the appropriate server software on that computer (such as LAMP or MAMP). If you don’t have a web server at your disposal, Scott can offer you a small web hosting package to run this on, using a domain of your choice or a sub domain he can provide. If you need help setting up the software he can do that for you as well for a small fee.

Set up is relatively simple. Un-zip the file and upload the entire contents to the web directory on your server and follow the instructions provided, which includes an an installation script to do most of the hard work for you.

The c3 Heirlooms app is provided for your personal (not for profit) use free of cost. Donations are always accepted, however.

This looks like an interesting new web app for anyone who has a need for it. You can learn more and look at a bunch of screenshots at

One Comment

This seems risky for personal users and beneficial for antique dealers and burglars to access.


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