Arizona Mother and Daughter Meet after 43 Years Apart Thanks to a DNA Test

Here is a heart-warming story. An unwed teenager only saw her new baby daughter for a few minutes, then gave the infant up for adoption. The baby grew up not even knowing her mother’s name. For 43 years, both wondered about the fate of the other.

The mother eventually decided to use MyHeritageDNA, a company that uses DNA to trace a family tree. Just by chance, so did the daughter. They both received an email message from MyHeritageDNA saying they had a 49.1-percent match to be mother and daughter. A very happy reunion soon followed.

Details may be found in the ABC15 web site at


I don’t claim to know anything about DNA, but it seems to me that they were only half right.


I only wish it was that easy…my adopted daughter even had a 2nd cousin match, but that person does not/won’t/refused to communicate w/ us, and REFUSES to become involved…


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