On the Road Again, This Time to New Zealand and Australia

If you have been reading this newsletter for some time, you already know that I travel often. That will continue to hold true for the next two weeks. On Sunday, May 28, I will travel from the U.S. to Auckland, New Zealand, to attend and give talks at the New Zealand Society of Genealogists conference. You can see the details at https://www.genealogy.org.nz/2017-conference_1571.

The following week, on June 6, I will travel to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. That will be a non-genealogy trip. Instead, I am going for some R & R. I plan to be a tourist for several days.

I’ll return home in two weeks on June 12.

As usual, I will be traveling with a Chromebook computer along with other gadgets that should keep me in touch with the newsletter. However, I will be busy while at the conference and may not have as much time as usual to post new articles. I probably will also sleep a lot until I get used to the time zone change. However, I suspect there will be an article or two posted describing the events at the New Zealand Society of Genealogists conference. As to the following week in Australia, what can I say? I’ll be on vacation!

I usually post new articles on Mondays through Fridays. However, I am leaving home this Sunday for a trip that will require about 36 hours as well as a change to a different time zone that is 16 hours ahead of my usual location. I don’t know just where this Monday starts and ends. The question is: “Monday in which time zone?” Besides, Monday is Memorial Day holiday in the United States and a bank holiday in England, so I am also calling it a holiday for me and will not publish on Monday, regardless of what time zone I am in.

I am guessing the newsletter articles will start again on Tuesday, June 13.


Michele M. Jones May 27, 2017 at 7:29 am

While in Sydney, if you get the opportunity, visit Featherdale Wildlife Park for a very relaxing day. My sister and I go there every time we are in Sydney, our mother’s hometown. There is also the Bible Garden for some incredible views of the ocean and surrounds.


I have a friend who has done quite a bit of travelling and she always gets a product called Nojetlag from our local health food store. She swears it helps to cut down on the effects of jet lag. She used it several years ago when she went to New Zealand, maybe it would help you.


Have a wonderful time, and the rest! You deserve it!!
Eileen Eide


Glad you’re on my side of the planet, Dick!! Enjoy our two countries! Having made the trip back and forth from Australia to the US many, many times over the past 45 years I can tell you that jet lag doesn’t really hit you coming this way. But going TO the US, oh man !!! It’s something about traveling backwards over the time zone. So, eat when they tell you to, and sleep when they tell you to, and drink lots of water!!!!


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