MyHeritage Launches a Major New Comprehensive DNA Ethnicity Analysis

MyHeritage (the sponsor of this newsletter) has just announced a new and improved version of its DNA service. The new upgrade is called the Ethnicity Estimate. It provides MyHeritage DNA customers with a percentage-based estimate of their ethnic origins covering 42 ethnic regions, more than any other major DNA company, and many available only on MyHeritage.

Best of all, MyHeritage is also offering both a FREE ethnicity AND matching service for anyone who has had a DNA analysis from a different DNA company. To my knowledge, no other DNA testing service offers anything similar to that. Notice the announcement below states:

“MyHeritage is unique among the main industry players in allowing users who have tested their DNA already with another service to upload – for free – their data to MyHeritage. Those users receive DNA Matches for free, for finding relatives based on shared DNA.”

The announcement also states:

This benefit is not offered by any other major DNA company.

I would suggest this is a great opportunity to upload your DNA data to MyHeritage and enjoy free DNA Matching and Ethnicity Estimates. You can do so by going to

The following announcement was written by the folks at MyHeritage:

MyHeritage Launches New Comprehensive DNA Ethnicity Analysis

MyHeritage DNA’s new Ethnicity Estimate covers 42 different ethnic regions, more than any other major DNA company; and is uniquely provided for free to those who upload their DNA data from other services

TEL AVIV, Israel & LEHI, Utah, May 30, 2017 – MyHeritage, the leading global destination for family history and DNA testing, and the makers of the successful MyHeritage DNA product, today announced the launch of its new and improved Ethnicity Estimate. The new analysis, developed by the company’s science team, provides MyHeritage DNA customers with a percentage-based estimate of their ethnic origins covering 42 ethnic regions, many available only on MyHeritage, representing the most comprehensive report of its type available on the market. This fascinating report gives users a much better understanding of who they are and where their ancestors came from. The Ethnicity Estimate is presented in an original and engaging format, making it not only interesting but also fun to watch and share.

MyHeritage is unique among the main industry players in allowing users who have tested their DNA already with another service to upload – for free – their data to MyHeritage. Those users receive DNA Matches for free, for finding relatives based on shared DNA. Beginning this week, users who have already uploaded their DNA data to MyHeritage, or who will upload it in the coming months, will receive – for free – the new Ethnicity Estimate. This benefit is not offered by any other major DNA company.

Development of the new Ethnicity Estimate raises the number of ethnic regions covered by MyHeritage DNA from 36 to 42. It was made possible thanks to MyHeritage’s Founder Populations project — one of the largest of its kind ever conducted. For this unique project, more than 5,000 participants were handpicked by MyHeritage from its 90 million strong user base, by virtue of their family trees exemplifying consistent ancestry from the same region or ethnicity for many generations. All project participants received complimentary DNA tests and allowed MyHeritage’s science team to develop breakthrough ethnicity models based on the generated data. Thanks to this analysis, MyHeritage DNA has become the only mass-market percentage-based DNA test that reveals ethnicities such as Balkan; Baltic; Eskimo & Inuit; Japanese; Kenyan; Sierra Leonean; Somali; four major Jewish groups – Ethiopian, Yemenite, Sephardic from North Africa and Mizrahi from Iran and Iraq; Indigenous Amazonian; Papuan and many others. In some cases, competing products can identify and report an aggregated region (e.g., Italian & Greek), whereas MyHeritage has better resolution and identifies Greek, Italian and Sardinian ethnicities separately.

MyHeritage’s new Ethnicity Estimate is delivered to users via a captivating “reveal” experience (view example). It features animation and, as of this week, also original music composed by MyHeritage. Each of the 42 ethnicities has a distinctive tune, based on the region’s cultural elements; all tunes seamlessly connect to each other. This makes the report fun to watch and share over social media.

MyHeritage DNA user Tiffany Bowden said “I’m very happy, and very proud to discover where I come from, and through my MyHeritage DNA ethnicity results, now I have the background which helps me understand who I am as a person.”

“DNA is the future of the family history industry and we’re delighted to enter the DNA space with strong energies and a fresh perspective”, said Gilad Japhet, Founder and CEO of MyHeritage. “Leveraging MyHeritage’s top assets which are its talented, technology-focused engineering team, and the gigantic internationally diverse web of family trees encompassing more than 2.5 billion profiles entered by our users, our comprehensive new Ethnicity Estimate has Innovation written all over it. We’ve been able to dig deeper where others had considered their work complete. Presented in a fresh look and generously given for free to DNA data uploaders, our users will be thrilled and can count on us to continue to innovate in DNA and delight them with new discoveries about who they really are.”

Dr. Yaniv Erlich, Chief Science Officer at MyHeritage, said, “For MyHeritage’s science team, this major update of our Ethnicity Estimate is only an appetizer. There are excellent installments on the way, and users can prepare for a feast! We have detailed plans to increase accuracy, extend our Founder Populations project further, and improve the resolution for ethnicities of great interest to our users from highly diverse origins. Our goal is to use science to further the public good, and to bring the best innovations of our science team to the public.”

The MyHeritage DNA test consists of a simple cheek swab and takes less than two minutes to complete, with no need for blood or saliva. The sample is then mailed to MyHeritage DNA’s lab for analysis and the user is invited to view the results on the MyHeritage website, approximately four weeks later.

MyHeritage strengthened its position as the leader in global family history, when it launched the MyHeritage DNA kits in November 2016, which have rapidly become hugely popular ever since. The company’s mammoth user base of 90 million users worldwide, more than 7.7 billion historical records, massive user-generated family tree database and availability in 42 languages, all provide a robust foundation for MyHeritage DNA. The company’s DNA offering currently provides two main features: detailed ethnicity reports that reveal the user’s ethnic and geographic origins, and DNA Matches for finding relatives based on shared DNA. In recent months, people have been successfully using MyHeritage DNA to reunite with long-lost family members.

MyHeritage DNA kits are available at the affordable price of $79 + shipping. Order MyHeritage DNA, or alternatively, upload DNA data for free.

About MyHeritage
MyHeritage is the leading global destination for family history and DNA testing. As technology thought leaders, MyHeritage has transformed family history into an activity that is accessible and instantly rewarding. Its global user community enjoys access to a massive library of historical records, the most internationally diverse collection of family trees and groundbreaking search and matching technologies. Launched in November 2016, MyHeritage DNA is a technologically advanced, affordable DNA test that reveals ethnic origins and previously unknown relatives. Trusted by millions of families, MyHeritage provides an easy way to find new family members, discover ethnic origins, and to treasure family stories, past and present, for generations to come. MyHeritage is available in 42


Disappointing that this does not extend to Canada even for paying members!


    Lucy, it should work, please try again and send me a screenshot of what you see? (I work at MyHeritage)

    (My email is aaron @ myheritage dot com)


    Thank you, I’ll do that!


    Interestingly, I went to the My Heritage website and headed to the bottom of the page where I spotted “DNA” and under it, “Upload DNA file”, tried it —- lo and behold, I was able to upload the file and now have it Kit Number!! I had been using the “DNA” heading at the top of the page….. Thank you!!! Just checked and that top one is now working properly too. I’m delighted. Thank you!!


If not available in Canada, my question is why is this not clearly said in the article – after all it was verbose enough! Disappointed in My Heritage? – YES.


    Well that makes at least 3 ‘disappointeds’.


    I have since been able to upload my DNA data and waiting on the processing of the data. Perhaps some may have not signed on with a free ‘membership’ which may have caused them issues. I did have an account from previous use of the transfer of trees from 23andMe to My Heritage. Thank you to Lucy as well for indicating the two spots, both now working, to click on.
    My query now will be whether I will be able to contact “matches” or them contact me as I don’t have a “records” membership. For now I am satisfied that I managed to upload the raw data;-)))


Anyone know how long it takes to process once it is uploaded? Hours, days, weeks?


My ethnicities didn’t look anything like what I got from 23&Me and Ancestry. It was like looking at a different person. I thought they mixed up my DNA with someone else’s! What’s going on with these estimates? Is it because it’s new?


Will you be reanalyzing results from our own DNA tests from your company to include the new data? This would give more complete results for us. Harriet Knevals/Jessica Knevals/Jason Watson. Thank you.


I tried to upload my MH raw data file (*.csv format), but got an error message saying
“This file does not appear to be a valid autosomal export. Please follow the steps and try again.” Tried it again, same results. Went to MH and downloaded my raw data again, tried to upload, same results. Then tried to upload my Ancestry raw data file (*.txt format), and it went with no problems. Where do I go from here??


I misunderstood what this was all about. I thought it was something new, when in fact, this ethnicity estimate already came with the original DNA test results.


    Hi Gene
    MyHeritage has added new ethnicities to the estimate. It’s also now offering ethnicity analysis to users who upload their DNA data too.


I just noticed today under the DNA column that a new heading has been added “Upload DNA data” – and again I’m told “DNA tests are not available in your country”! What has that to do with anything? I have my data!!!


Victoria McGuinness May 31, 2017 at 4:26 pm

I was excited to read of this opportunity, only to experience the same situation as Lucy: “DNA tests are not available in your country”. So, is this offer not valid in the United States?


    —> So, is this offer not valid in the United States?

    It certainly is valid in the United States. See the later comments above from Lucy and from Aaron Godfrey. Lucy has now accessed it successfully. I believe many others in the U.S. also have used it since the announcement was made yesterday.


I was able to upload my data without an issue and I’m in Canada.
Does anyone know how long it takes to process. It reads ‘in progress’.


In a discussion group I’m a member of, people have found our MyHeritage ethnicities don’t match what we have from other testers. They’re VERY different, not just a little. Whole regions are sometimes missing. Is this because it’s in beta? Will things get better? I’m not understanding how the MyHeritage analyses can be so different. Can anyone explain what’s going on?


    MyHeritage has many more ethnicities than any other service so you expect and hope the results are different from the other services. MyHeritage can find smaller ethnic groups. In many cases these are groups that the other DNA services don’t know about. I would hope the MyHeritage Ethnic Estimates would be different from the other services in many cases.


    I understand that from the marketing, but the reverse seems to be happening. People are losing ethnicities instead of getting more refined ones. Like people who are majority Italian are suddenly not Italian and people with complex ancestry are being reduced to only a couple groups. It seems like something in the projections is off. It would be interesting to see if Aaron has an idea of things are being ironed out?


I have noticed some big inconsistencies but can’t really complain since its free. I tested me and my mom’s 23andme results. My mom came back 79% northwestern Europe which is not much off from 23andme’s 95% or so from that region That’s consistent with our genealogy research (mostly England and Scotland, a little Ireland and France). Strangely, my DNA, which should have been about half of my mom’s (as it is on 23andme) instead indicated on My Heritage that I am only about 20% Northwestern European. This seems on inconsistent. Also, it says I am 20% Iberian penninsula, while 23andme indicates only 1% from this region.


I have been trying to upload my raw data and over and over I get the same message: This file does not appear to be a valid autosomal export. Please follow the steps and try again.
have tried again and again and again and same old message.. anyone got any ideas??


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