How Many of You Are There?

The following is for U.S. residents only:

There are 325,060,629 people in the U.S.

How many have your name?

To find out, go to and enter your own name.

NOTE: Don’t worry, the site’s Privacy Policy at assures everyone the site doesn’t share your name or any other information about you. Specifically, it states, “We do not share search data of individual users or e-mail addresses with anyone, nor do we intend to start.”

The site well then tell you how many people in the U.S. share your first name and also how many share your last name, along with a bit of other information. It then tells you how many people have exactly the same first name AND last name as you.

I discovered there are 168 people in the U.S. with the same name as mine. (I have met several of them.) I assume that means me and 167 others.

I don’t see any serious genealogical uses for this web site, other than perhaps determining how rare a name might be. Perhaps it could also be used as a tool when trying to find a suitable name for the baby your family is expecting. Want a unique name? could help.


Tried to go there, but all I get is a “problem loading page” message.


Worked just fine for me. Now about the other 12,240 people with my name!


Ohhh good grief…maybe I should go back to my maiden name. I run into other Susan Carlsons often, and with 575 other people of that name combo, I prefer the statistic that there are only TWO of us when I enter my maiden name! However, when I enter my nickname, Suzie Carlson, there are only two of us using that combo. Only 3 other people share my daughter’s name: Joelle Carlson. That’s a pretty cool tool–thanks for letting us know about it!


Zero people with my exact name. About five with my surname in the US. In a digital world, I have no privacy so I’m reduced to usernames or not being able to post at all.

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The web site doesn’t have to save or share your name or any other data about you. Thanks to FISA ’08 and modifications, however, your ISP has to save the data about what web sites you have visited “just in case” law enforcement agencies need to have it if they suspect you of being a terrorist. This is what happens when senators and representatives become paranoid and tell us to be afraid of our own shadows like they are, take money from telecoms for their campaign coffers so telecoms can officially be approved for breaking the law ex post facto, since they’d previously done so without a search warrant on the verbal command of the president (clearly unconstitutional violation of the 4th Amendment), and run amok passing unconstitutional laws that invade our privacy. [I never understood why millions upon millions of people didn’t descend on DC the summer FISA ’08 passed to protest this clearly unconstitutional piece of legislation that became law.]


The site said I am the only one. Not true. I personally know of two other women with my name, one being my first cousin’s wife and the other a nurse in Maryland.


I’m the only one 😉 There were actually 6 with my first and maiden name combo, Fawn Wood……..


The site would not allow me to input my full legal name?????


There are 55,262 MALCOLMs in the USA. There are 448,212 CAMPBELLs there. 76 are named Malcolm CAMPBELL. It says that statistically CAMPBELL is the 43rd most popular name in the US. Who knew.


I’m the only one, which is why even though I’ve been married for almost 30 years I refuse to give up my maiden name 😊


christine pataranick June 14, 2017 at 10:05 pm

When my husband dies so does the “Pataranick” name.


It says that only 383 people share my surname. Not true at all……there are way more than that.


I’m pretty sure I’m the only one with my first and last name in the whole world. Which is kind of nice. 🙂


There are 39 others with the same name. Wish it also included at least middle initial as that would be a more complete story.


I doubt the accuracy of this site. It said that there is only one person with my name, but I know there is at least one more – in my same state – because when I google my own name, she comes up.


    —> I doubt the accuracy of this site.

    Information on the web site states that the information all comes from the U.S. Census Bureau statistics. I doubt if Census Bureau statistics are ever precisely accurate for a variety of reasons. One reason is that not everyone fills out a census reporting form and returns it. Such people obviously will not be counted.


I saw that they were using census data from 2000, so I also tried my dad’s name and my mom’s name. Each of us was unique at that website. Thank you for alerting us to this entertaining website.


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