Family Buys Hilarious Birthday Card for Grandpa, Finds Out it has an Old Family Photo

Family photos are where you find them!

A 12-year-old in Kansas recently found a hilarious card to give to her grandfather for his 74th birthday. The card had a very old-fashioned family photo on the front, with everyone looking very stern and serious. On top it said, “It’s your birthday!” Her mother also laughed when she saw the card. Then she stopped laughing when she looked closer.

A man in the photo looked a lot like her grandfather and of her great-grandmother. The family gave the card to the 74-year-old man celebrating his birthday. He got all excited as he realized the picture was of his father, his grandmother, and of a number of his other relatives! It was a photo he had never seen before.

In fact, the family eventually was able to locate the original photo the card was made from. The family identified almost everyone in the photo that was taken in 1906 at a wedding.

You can read the details in an article in the Epoch Times web site at:

My thanks to newsletter reader Karen Parker for telling me about this story.


I’ve seen this picture too, on a greeting card. A pharmacy in a medical building I frequent has a great collection of “old” greeting cards. I was struck not by the wedding couple, but by the tall lanky man behind the bride and the sweet looking woman to the right of him. I don’t remember the caption, though, just the great old picture!



It’s obvious it was made in the olden days when you had to stay still forever so you weren’t a blur in the picture!


Most likely a Hallmark card…company headquartered here in Kansas City! They use a lot of old photos…some probably provided by their creative team, others bought at an antiques mall. Great story!


The names looked familiar to me so I looked up for my friend who has Morlan/Moreland, sure enough the family is 2nd cousin degree to my friend’s.


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