Book Review: Jewish Community of Long Island

The following was written by this newsletter’s Book Review Editor Bobbi King:

Jewish Community of Long Island
by Rhoda Miller and the Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island. Arcadia Publishing, Charleston SC. 2016. 127 pages.

This is essentially a picture book, but it’s an exceptional one.

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island, New York, has put together an album of photos, but with plenty of story, that narrates the history of Jewish settlement in the Nassau and Suffolk Counties of Long Island. What makes this particular book so interesting is the large number of photographs of temple congregations, synagogues, businesses, notable persons and family celebrations with caption biographies, Jewish participation in the world wars, and the summer pleasures of the Jewish community along the shore.

Jewish presence in the area was established in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Peddlers from New York City trickled eastward to sell their wares. Communities were founded as industries took hold, such as the watchcase factory in Sag Harbor, the rubber factory in Setauket, and the button factory in Breslau, now Lindenhurst. A congregation and a cemetery defined early communities, and worship services moved from private homes into neighborhood synagogues.

The publisher, Arcadia Publishing, is known for its small books of regional histories. The books have characteristic brown, sepia-toned covers. I see them in Walgreens all the time, and they are very educational and interesting, serving to enlighten the local populace of local history. The books are very well-produced. Rhoda Miller and her associates selected a perfect publisher for their work.

This volume expands knowledge about Jewish history on Long Island, offering previously little-known information and adding to the wide scope of publications currently available.

Jewish Community of Long Island is available from the publisher, Arcadia Publishing, at as well as from Amazon at:


Christine Caraher July 5, 2017 at 7:04 pm

Rhoda Miller has researched so much of Jewish life on LI, plus she’s given insight to those of us who’ve ancestry coming from Eastern Europe, i.e., Russian held territories of the late 19th Century through the 20th.
She was made known to me through genealogical programs at the Connetquot Lilbrary (Bohemia, NY), & through various meetings/programs at the Jewish Historical Society, Plainview, NY.


william caraher jr July 5, 2017 at 7:08 pm

Rhoda Miller and the Jewish Genealogy Society have been welcome speakers at my local library, and not just to the current Jewish folk in the audience, but also giving many of us with Eastern European ancestry, particularly from Russian held lands clues and hints to aid our research.  She is an invaluable source for us who live on Long Island. C. Caraher


Thanks to Acadia Publishing for so many great books. I have read and collected several. Quite interesting and informative.


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