SLIG Announces Scholarship Winners

The following announcement was written by the folks at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy:

Jimmy B. Parker Scholarship – Ellen Blakeslee
After 16 years as an Over-the-Road tractor trailer driver, Ellen retired to follow her passion for genealogy. With 39 years of research experience gained in her spare time, Ms. Blakeslee started her own genealogy business, but still finds time to actively volunteer in her community in Georgia. She volunteers for the Newton County Library Heritage Room, the Newton County Historical Society Archives and the Family History Center in Conyers, while also editing Jeans and Genes, the quarterly newsletter for the Rockdale County Genealogical Society. She also serves as Treasurer for the Georgia Chapter of Association of Professional Genealogist (APG).

Ellen credits her mother with her passion for genealogy. She used to take her as a young child from cemetery to cemetery, sharing stories and introducing her to her ancesters.

Ms. Blakeslee will be attending Course 1 entitled “Taking Your Research to the Next Level.” She plans to use the knowledge she gains to continue her volunteer work and expand her teaching skills in the genealogical community.

SLIG Scholarship for First-Time Institute Attendees – Emily Kowalski Schroeder
The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy is pleased to announce Emily Kowalski Schroeder as the winner of the SLIG Scholarship for First-Time Institute Attendees for 2018. The competition was strong and many candidates submitted worthy applications. The committee determined that Ms. Schroeder’s application effectively conveyed her desire for a more in-depth learning experience at an intermediate (or above) level.

Ms. Schroeder is currently a self-taught genealogist and is ready to attend an institute to gain in-depth knowledge of specific genealogical research resources and methods. She wants to further her genealogical education to make herself a better, more efficient, and more confident researcher and storyteller of her family’s history.

Emily is passionate about getting youth involved in genealogy, and, in 2014, she started Growing Little Leaves, a website and blog dedicated to providing readers with free, hands-on activities for getting children interested in family history. Over the past three years, Emily has taught beginner genealogy classes for both children and adults in her local area.

Ms. Schroeder will be attending Course 2 entitled “The Third Coast: Research in the Great Lakes Region.” She is looking forward to meeting and interacting with professional genealogists and genealogy enthusiasts from around the country and world. She is excited to share research challenges and develop network connections.

She is a scientist, with degrees in meteorology from Valparaiso University and Penn State University. Emily is originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area, and currently lives near Indianapolis with her husband, two children, and kitties.

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Elaine G. Bennett July 6, 2017 at 11:39 am

So I guess you didn’t mean Newton, Iowa…


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