Book Review: Your Family, Your Photos, Your Stories

The following book review was written by Bobbi King:

Your Family, Your Photos, Your Stories
by Barb Groth.
Self-published, BarbwireDigi. 2016. 134 pages.

I’d call this a guide for digital scrapbooking.

Traditionally, a scrapbook is a decorated photo album with written journaling that shares the stories connected to the photos. Memorabilia might be attached onto the pages, such as event tickets, achievement certificates, and original letters, all creatively composed with artwork, calligraphic writing, or any decorative embellishments that celebrate the memories.

Ms. Groth’s book gives us ideas for scrapbooking, but in a digital manner.

Her book is divided into several sections, including:

  • Researching Your Ancestors – basic genealogy research advice as well as organizational skill-building.
  • Photos – retrieving, organizing, digitizing, with good instructions on the digitizing part. Ms. Groth uses Windows OS and Adobe Photoshop Elements.
  • The stories – this and the following sections are the most interesting, with ideas on how to marry your digital pieces with stories. Lots of ideas here, and suggestions. These is what I would call the heart of the digital scrapbooking content Ms. Groth wishes to present.
  • She includes a tutorial on using Elements, a basic guide that is very useful, considering the complexity of Adobe to new users, even with the many online tutorials. I think having her Elements instructions, on their own, are worth the price of the book. I’ve used Elements, but I’m still flummoxed. Her instructions look easier to comprehend and apply directly to the scrapbooking project.

But most of all, Your Family generates inspiration. It’s so hard to get started on these projects. Her book imparts motivation and the courage to finally get going. And with the How-To guidances, the confidence to sit down, power up the computer, and start putting those photos and stories together for everyone else to enjoy.

Your Family, Your Photos, Your Stories is available from at as well as from Amazon (in both print and Kindle editions) at:

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