PBS to Renew “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.”

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has announced its fall lineup of new television programs. Of interest to genealogists, “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.” is returning Oct. 3. Celebrities who will learn about their ancestors include Scarlett Johansson, Aziz Ansari, Bryant Gumbel, and Garrison Keillor.


That should be “has renewed”….PBS in So Nev will show it in October. What I’d REALLY like to know is who will he have as guests.


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Such good news!


So thankful. Could really use their expertise in clearing up My Morgan side. Was my William Morgan thre one who was Kidnapped by the Masons and thought to be killed.?Was his daughter, Keziah Morgan Allison, a Copperhead and related to John Hunt Morgan,? Was William daughter, Jane Morgan Campbell, the real mother to William Campbell who was hanged as a civilian participant for the Great Train Escape. my answer is no, but I can’t tell you how many books and articles say yes. how does someone clear their names and find out who they really were. if they need a family to show how important it is to research “sources” mine is it.


    Suzanne, do you refer to the Morgan Affair in the 1830s and upstate New York? My fourth great-grandfather’s brother, John Phillips, became sheriff of Niagara County in the wake of the murder in a wave of anti-masonic sentiment, and he actually arrested some of the conspirators, including the former Sheriff I believe. I’d be interested to know your possible connection to William Morgan. –Nick Sheedy (nsheedy@yahoo.com)


I have little or no interest in who the ancestors are of these people who can afford to have a professional genealogist do the work. This is evidence of “class” in USA where the common man can forget about getting some assistance in his searches. It is elitist!!


    It’s more interesting when you know the people


    GMF, I totally agree, who give a darn about these celebrities who can afford and hire the professional help. #FindingYourRoots needs a new play book. Henry Louis Gates loves being around celebrities apparently. And, who have stated its more interesting, get out of here it is not more interesting. I know way more stories that are interesting!


I look forward to the renewal & will feel I know more about the people featured after I’ve been introduced by Mr. Gates.


I want to put it on my calendar, but the time is not yet available on my local PBS station. Also, how many episodes do you suppose this will be? He often featured two celebrities per show.


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