Israel State Archives Deadlocked by Legal Restrictions

An interesting legal problem has arisen in Israel. In fact, the Israel State Archives is almost at a standstill. In most cases, genealogists and family historians are not allowed to look at the various documents stored at the The dispute centers on who is empowered to allow researchers, or anybody from the general public, to access and read unclassified documents kept at the archive – the entity that deposited the material (such as the Foreign Ministry or Israel Police) or the State Archives itself, which holds the material.

State Archivist Dr. Yaakov Lazowick recently stated, ““A week ago, we really stopped the services of the Archives, according to the instructions of the attorney general. To a great extent (not completely), we have stopped providing service. A researcher who wants to see a file will now have to wait for two months, or half a year or two years. The last is the most likely.”

You can read more in an article by Ofer Aderet in the Haaretz news service at:

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