MyHeritage Acquires the Legacy Family Tree Software and Webinar Platform

Major news in the genealogy software marketplace! MyHeritage has acquired Millennia Corporation, makers of the popular Legacy Family Tree genealogy desktop software and well-attended genealogy webinar platform, Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

The following is a quote from the MyHeritage Blog:

We’re delighted to announce today that we’ve acquired Millennia Corporation, makers of the popular Legacy Family Tree genealogy desktop software and well-attended genealogy webinar platform, Legacy Family Tree Webinars. This is our 9th acquisition to date. We consider Legacy’s products to be highly complementary to our wide range of features and services. The acquisition will introduce MyHeritage users to Legacy’s valuable genealogical webinars, and will also provide Legacy’s hundreds of thousands of users with improved resources and access to new services.

Legacy’s webinars, which have been around since 2010, have become the most popular source of education in the genealogy industry. Viewers enjoy talks accompanied by presentations and tutorials on a wide variety of genealogy content from the comfort of their own homes while learning from speakers who are leaders in their field, such as Judy G. Russell, Blaine Bettinger, Lisa Louise Cooke, and Thomas MacEntee. Topics include genealogical research methodology, DNA, historical records, and more. The webinars will continue to feature diverse and high-quality educational content. The webinar platform will also enjoy infrastructure upgrades to support larger audiences.

Legacy Family Tree’s desktop software has been in existence for twenty years and is consistently ranked (along with MyHeritage’s Family Tree Builder) among the top genealogy software products in the industry. Legacy Family Tree software will continue operating as before, enjoying improvements backed by MyHeritage’s innovative technological resources. We plan to release a new version of Legacy Family Tree software, Legacy Family Tree 10, together. Version 10 will include the optional capability to sync family trees to the MyHeritage website and allow users to make updates to their family trees on the Legacy software using the MyHeritage mobile app.

We are also continuing to develop our Family Tree Builder software separately, and it will not be merged with Legacy’s software. At MyHeritage, we value giving our users the ability to choose their preferred genealogy tools, and allow them to work offline with robust functionality. While some other companies no longer develop genealogy software, we believe that people should be able to discover and preserve their family history on whatever platform they are comfortable with.

We welcome Legacy’s users to MyHeritage to enhance their genealogical research with our advanced products and services. Legacy Family Tree users will now be able to take advantage of MyHeritage’s world-class website features for online family trees, research their family history through historical records, and utilize MyHeritage DNA tests for genealogy and ethnicity.

To celebrate the acquisition, we offer all users of MyHeritage a limited time discount of 50% on annual Legacy Family Tree Webinars memberships through August 13th. We encourage our users to check out the webinar series on and take advantage of this opportunity to discover an exciting and fun world of genealogical wisdom delivered by the top experts.

We extend a warm welcome to Dave, Ken, Geoff, Luc and the rest of the Legacy team who are joining the growing MyHeritage team, and we look forward to the road ahead, as we work together to make family history easier and more accessible for everyone.

NOTE: MyHeritage is also the sponsor of this newsletter.


Just wonder how long they will keep Family Tree Builder and Legacy as separate platforms. Seems to me there would be significant savings for My Heritage in that regard.


Will Legacy still be linked with Family Search or will My Heritage be the only search program that will download info directly into Legacy?


    Winnie Mading, nothing is changing in Legacy 9.


    FTM 2017 will merge info from BOTH Ancestry (as long as you are a subscriber) and Family Search! I wish all on-line genealogy programs would do the same (including other search sites as well). I would think it would be advantageous to the genealogy search engines as I would be more likely to subscribe if I see they have info on ancestors I am searching. More likely than to try the “bait and switch” “free” trials that automatically keep charging you if you don’t cancel in time!


Well, I’m going to have to wait a little longer to purchase new software. I had made the decision to switch to Legacy after using FTM since the beginning. I’m not a fan of MyHeritage [lousy customer service and over-handed sales tactics], so I might wait a little longer to see what comes of this.


RootsMagic uses Family Search, Find My Past, Ancestry and My Heritage as search facilities. Naturally, if they are subscription sites one must provide the specific passwords. Like Stacy, I am not a great fan of My Heritage as, for me, its record base is limited but I am a user of Legacy (as well as RootsMagic) so that I am seamlessly compatible with one of my correspondents. So, like everyone, I wait developments with interest.
G. Snoad


Pity they have abandoned resellers (some who go back to Legacy 3) and stopped them selling Legacy Family Tree. That will definitely hurt sales on Australia where often people don’t like and wont use downloads. Also, the cost of posted media let along books is much higher than local postage rates (eg US$15 for a DVD!!).


    Graeme, I don’t what you base your comment about Australians not liking/using downloads on! Certainly doesn’t apply in my circles. In any case, since using Legacy requires you to download regular updates, there is no point in buying a DVD. It is already out of date by the time you install it. Legacy 9 has already had 9 updates!


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