Advice to White Supremacists: You Might Not Want to Test Your DNA

UPDATE: This news story is mushrooming. The original news article listed in the article below was knocked offline for a while, probably because thousands of people were accessing it simultaneously. It is back online now but may disappear again due to all the publicity and thousands of people reading the article. However, dozens of other news services have since picked up the story and now it is one of the top trending articles on the Internet.

You can find dozens more stories about this by starting at:

The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend speak for themselves. The various news media are full of stories about bigotry, racism, and fringe far-right political activities that resulted in murder and also in a lot of embarrassment to the American people. However, there is one genealogy issue that might affect the motivations of these extremists:

Are these white supremacists really “all white?”

I suspect that many white supremacists won’t like to learn the truth.

A geneticist at the University of California at Los Angeles ran a project for months that culminated in the presentation of a paper in Montreal this week at the annual gathering of the American Sociological Association. It seems that DNA testing of many members of one white supremacy organization indicates that a number of those who were tested have mixed racial ancestry. In other words, these white supremacists are not 100% white.

The paper is based on an examination of thousands of posts on Stormfront — a white nationalist online message board launched by former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Don Black, a protégé of former KKK leader David Duke.

Ancestry matters to Stormfront users because the website states that members must be of “wholly European descent to be white.”

Oops! Some of the present Stormfront members and even some of the leaders are not eligible for membership in the organization, according to their own DNA.

The publication of the geneticist’s paper is causing a lot of consternation amongst the hate groups. It seems that human biodiversity is far more widespread than what some of the white supremacists ever envisioned.

You can read the full story in article by Jamaal Abdul-Alim in the Diverse Issues in Higher Education web site at:

Of course, geneticists and anthropologists will probably tell you that very few, if any, of the white populations in North America, Europe, or elsewhere are 100% white.


Deborah G. Crawford August 17, 2017 at 12:08 pm

This is exactly the comment I made when I was listening to them – but you put it much more detailed and eloquently than I could. I can’t believe anyone would think there’s any such thing as “100% white”.


Right on most of these white supremacists would find they are part black


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    —> How do I post this on my facebook timeline.

    When the article is displayed on your screen, look at the bottom of the article. You will see a lot of icons, including ones for Facebook, email, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, and a bunch of others. Click on the Facebook option and follow the menus that appear.


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    Certainly. You can republish any of the articles here in the Standard Edition of this newsletter for non-commercial purposes. For details, look in the menus to the right of this message and click on:

    “Steal these articles!

    “Yes, you may copy and republish MOST of the articles in this newsletter elsewhere, with a very few exceptions. See COPYRIGHTS and Other Legal Things for details.”

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Something is wrong with the website – can’t link to the article, or even the website itself. (I can’t help wondering if it’s been hacked…)


Having same problem as Susan.


What is white?
Given a universal origin in Africa, what does a claim to be ‘white’ mean?

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    It’s the 21st Century folks and time we stopped using race as a way of describing and thus stereotyping and judging people. It cannot be defined in arduous scientific terms anyway. The only race that can stand the tests of scientific determination is the human race.


I too cannot link to the article.


LOL! My genealogy has taken me pretty far back and promises I’m all Anglo-Saxon. Did one of the simple DNA tests that follows mother to mother to mother, etc. Surprise! Seven percent North African! That line of women disappears in 1700s Virginia. Yes, the family branch that arrived there in 1640s did have slaves.

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Dick, when I click on the link I get pages and pages of this:
“Warning: mysql_query(): Unable to save result set in /home/bihe/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1879”


    —> Dick, when I click on the link I get pages and pages of this:

    It appears the site has been knocked offline. Perhaps by hackers or (more likely) it runs on a web server that was never designed to handle a large load. With the popularity of this article, the site might be overloaded at this time. But I suspect it will come back online sooner or later.

    In the meantime, you can find DOZENS of other web sites that have since picked up the story. It has become one of the top trending stories on the Internet. To find the other articles, start at:


When I click the link in the article I get: Warning: mysql_query(): Unable to save result set in /home/bihe/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1879

What I would like to know is whether the assertion that few are 100% White is based on wishful thinking or true science. I’m assuming, since I can’t bring up the article, that some have Indian or Oriental ancestry hidden somewhere.
At the risk of being accused of moral equivalency all racism is repugnant whatever the source. I could expand but…


I had the same problem trying to use the link to the full article.


I too cannot get the article — when I click on your “read the article..” this shows up instead -Warning: mysql_query(): Unable to save result set in /home/bihe/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1879


My geek husband was able to get to the site and create a PDF of the article for me. Would attach it here if there was a way to do that! (Is there a way Dick?)


    —> Would attach it here if there was a way to do that! (Is there a way Dick?)

    No. Also, it would be a violation of copyright laws. You cannot republish copyrighted material to another web site without permission of the copyright holder. Admittedly, I see violations of that on the Internet every day but that doesn’t change the legal requirements.

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    Oh course! I should have thought that through! Too early in the morning for me!


One article I read yesterday about these studies on the DNA results of white supremacists showed that only 30% of them got the results they were looking for. Not surprisingly, having African or Native American roots didn’t disturb them as much as having European Jewish ancestry. Please don’t let any of us forget that these groups are, at their core, anti-Semitic 1st and racist 2nd.
Isn’t Stormfront the site that got kicked off Go Daddy, the Google, then migrated to a Russian domain and might be at risk of losing that, too?


The first thought I had after seeing the anti-immigration rallies and now the white supremacists on the news was that genealogists should get their names and start researching their ancestry. Let’s open up their (cold) hearts to see the possibility of multiple ethnicity, immigrants, skeletons, etc. in their own families; hence, resulting in their very own existence!!


    In my view too many equate emphasis on adhering to the law with respect to entry into the USA as being bigotry. Let’s be fair about the matter. ALL entries should be legal.


THEY might also find out that the NAME they carry is NOT a pure BLOOD line, that they have lots of ancestors who played around before marriage, in marriage and birthed some one who would be called illegit or out-of-wedlock and so they are NOT who THEY really mouth off as being……!!!!


I just started helping my niece and her son get started on her other side and found, I believe, an owner-slave. I just did this yesterday so it needs more research.


Relevant to the DNA-white supremacist issue — read the outstanding novel “Small Great Things,” by Jodi Picoult. It’s an outstanding book exploring racism, prejudice, medical science, legal and social issues, plus the DNA scientific stuff. It’s a real page-turner, and easy to read, but it also challenges one’s basic assumptions triggers some serious thinking. Bill


Wouldn’t it be great to challenge them to a DNA test and see how many refuse. May white-supremicists (sp?) have had their DNA done because they have been convicted a crime. If we tested that – WOW. I’d love to see their faces when they get the result – priceless!! None of us is pure anything, it’s our own uniqueness that makes us special! Embrace it!


Reblogged this on familytreegirldotcom and commented:
Great article by Dick Eastman at this blog Yes, they might want to avoid doing any DNA. DNA is emotional and individuals need to be ready for the results. As a genealogist I struggle sometimes with my role as a researcher. There was a great discussion on DNA and privacy the other evening on BlackProGen Live hangout with Nicka Smith-


A very exhaustive analysis of the dna of American citizens was done by the testing company 23andme of their clients (all anonymous, although each testee would receive his or her results). There is indeed a subset of the American population which has some Sub-Saharan African ancestry. However, the percentage of people who have such ancestry and don’t know it is not very high indeed. The percentages are also usually in the low single digits. Interestingly, most of those people are in the southern states, which, of course, makes sense, as that is where the bulk of the slave population lived.
“The average African-American genome, for example, is nearly a quarter European, and almost 4% of European Americans carry African ancestry.”


Many thanks Dick for this eye opening information. I plan to share it with friends and family – black and white.
Ruth Randall.


I’m the author of the article in question. I think our company is fine with re-posting the article as long as it links back to our site. Trust me I’ll intervene for you if anyone complains. We appreciate you visiting our site. Thanks.


I hope someday, but not in my lifetime I’m sure, that we can be a color-blind world where “race” doesn’t matter. MLK’s dream.


    Perhaps it would help if the US Census stopped forcing everyone to choose only one race or ethnicity from a list that seems to only get longer every decade. Even though one of the choices is “other,” anyone who selects it is then asked to write in the name of the “other” race or ethnicity in a space that isn’t large enough to hold more than one or two words.

    We are living through a wave of technological change as drastic as the Industrial Revolution. Tearing down the factories didn’t work to save the home craftsman then, and tearing down today’s increasingly computerized economy will not save middle class working men and women now. The genie is out of the bottle and there is no way to turn back the clock to the way things were at the dawn of the Digital Age.

    We need to stop calling each other by insulting names and concentrate on talking about the hopes and dreams we all share, such as an honest job that pays a living wage, enough to eat, a decent place to live, a decent education for our children, a little support to allow us to cope with illness and old age with dignity, and an end to ethnic and sectarian hatreds, bullying and violence between us. We need to start letting go of our death grip on the things that have historically driven wedges between us so that our hands will be free to build a better future for ourselves and our descendants. We need to start doing a better job of living up to the ideals embodied in the Declaration of Independence instead of living down to our fears.


G, thank you for your beautiful message. I just got tested and found I’m 96% European. 2 % African and 2 % west Asian. I guess my family legend of Native American ancestry is exploded.


I had my DNA testing done several years ago on FamilyTreeDNA. According to my results, my family tree can be traced back 60,000 to the Serengeti Plain in central Africa. Only the retards that would like to join the KKK would consider themselves to be of pure western european heritage – no human beings can do this.


    I know you are (justifiably) angry, but there are two questions I would ask you to please think about seriously for a while: 1) what does the word “retard” mean to you, and 2) why did you choose it as a blanket description for all white supremacists?

    My neighbor’s daughter suffers from Down syndrome and was often called “Retard” by other children in the neighborhood, intending it as an insulting alternate to “stupid.” She may have had difficulty learning the three R’s and never achieved the milestone of a high school diploma, but in all the ways that go to make up a wonderfully kind and loving person, she far outshone every one of them. Then and now, she has always been the polar opposite of the mostly angry, mostly young, white supremacists who, as noted in the article Dick has cited, often engage in sophisticated discussions of the complicated science of DNA testing, while simultaneously displaying their extreme hatred for people they choose to despise.

    Which all leads to a two more questions: 3) why do so many *intelligent* young people choose the paths of hatred and violence, and 4) is there anything we can do to encourage them to choose the paths of peace and harmony instead? There seem to be some common threads to first hand accounts reported here:


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