Family History Researcher Academy English & Welsh Family History Course One-Time Payment Offers Expanded

In July of this year the Family History Researcher Academy trialled a One-Time Payment offer for those wishing to pay in US Dollars or British Pounds. This gave students a deep saving of US$88 on the regular price of the 52 lesson English/Welsh Family History Course.

The results were amazing and the trial was a great success – so for a short while more it is being extended and opened up to other currencies as well.

In response to customer demand from Australia, Canada and New Zealand, the One-Time Payment option is being rolled out to those who would like to pay in Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars or New Zealand Dollars as well as keeping the US Dollar and British Pounds, offers open.

The Family History Researcher Academy course was put together by Nick Thorne from his experience of researching ancestors for private clients and working on various projects for one of the leading British genealogical research websites on behalf of whom Nick regularly has articles published in several of the U.K. family history magazines. He also writes a blog called “Help Me With My Family Tree” under the pen name of The Nosey Genealogist.

The English/Welsh course is ideal for people who would like some help to find their forebears in England and Wales. The modules reveal the many records and resources to use when researching your ancestors – some of which you may never have thought to explore. The course is now delivered inside a private area of a membership site, where students can complete the modules at their own pace. The English/Welsh course has been written from a practical point of view with contributions coming from professional genealogists, online data experts and by Nick himself.

‘In the past my course has always been available only as a monthly-payment subscription. I’ve listened to what people want and while some prefer the $1 trial others asked for a discounted one-payment option, and so I’ve been happy to oblige,’ said Nick.

You can now access The Family History Researcher Academy with the following one-payment options.

  • US$80 one-time payment. Save an amazing $88.00
  • £70 one-time payment. Save an amazing GBP62.00
  • Canadian $110 one-time payment. Save an amazing C$101.20
  • Australian $111 one time payment. Save an amazing A$99
  • New Zealand $121 one time payment. Save an amazing NZ$107

OR take the monthly option with a $1 or £1 first month trial – so now you’ve got no excuse – hurry, though, as the prices will be going up soon!

To find out more about this offer go to:
and select your currency or offer type from the tabs at the top of the page.

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