An Update on my Status in Orlando

Some newsletter readers know that I have a winter home in Orlando and have asked if I was OK and if my house was OK after Hurricane Irma passed through. I’ll post a brief note here to let those who care know about my status.

Luckily, I am safe and sound and dry in Massachusetts right now.

My Orlando next-door neighbor just called me. He says my home appears to have minor damage. The damage appears to be limited to some siding blown off the back side of the house, probably easily repaired. We may have to first rip out some insulation that may have been soaked by the rain after the siding was ripped off.

Considering the damage other people sustained, that’s trivial.

Sadly, my next-door neighbor had half the roof blown off his house and much of the interior is water-soaked. He says the neighborhood looks like a war zone. The power is still off in the neighborhood and the phone lines are dead but cell phones are working.

I am going to travel to Orlando as soon as it is safe to do so in order to make the necessary repairs.


Glad you are safe and that your damage appears minimal. Prayers for your neighbors.


Prayers for you and all Floridians… My sister was in Nokomis and failed to evacuate – we are waiting to hear from her…


Glad your damage is minor. I just heard from friends in Gainesville, and they had a very noisy night because of the wind, but are otherwise OK. FL seems to have learned a lot since Andrew, but I worry about the storm surge on both coasts. So many FL homes are single story, or house trailers, and even the projected 10-15 feet is above that. Damage from hurricanes seems to be so random–unless, as in some places in the Caribbean, everything is trashed. Best of luck in fixing your damage soon, and your neighbor.


Thank goodness you are safe. Like the Governor said, it is possible to repair or replace a building, but not possible to restore you to life. Best wishes to you and your neighbors for a quick and complete recovery. Watch out for the insurance company adjusters. Make sure they give you a *complete* copy of every report, and every document they ask you to sign and keep copies of everything. After Sandy, a judge in NY state discovered that some of the documents being submitted by insurance companies as evidence had gotten mysteriously altered to downplay the damage to people’s homes and reduce their settlements. As a result, thousands of claims were ordered to be reopened and re-examined.


Thanks for posting this update. I have been thinking of you and your home there.


Thanks for the update, we are all concerned. Steve



So sorry for the damage to your property, all of us in the genealogy clan realize however, your not replaceable!..Good time to do an article on treasures before a storm..collecting data and pictures for storage…


So grateful you are okay. Take our time getting back as the roads are going to be wild for awhile.


Thanks for the update. I’m on the Gulf coast, and we have no damage, while a few miles away there was damage to houses. As a note to others waiting to hear from friends and family in FL, power is still out to millions of homes, and in my area, Spectrum’s cable service for internet and phones is down. The cellular networks are flooded with calls, so be patient.


Very glad you are safe in Massachusetts but sorry about the damage to your home and your neighbor’s and others. My daughter in Sarasota narrowly escaped when the hurricane shifted. None of us could believe that her car was still parked outside with no damage and there was no flooding to the ground floor apartment. Power is still out unfortunately but she was able to use wi-fi to send a brief message but has to conserve battery. Good luck with everything, Dick.


Thank you for letting us know that you are alright. Still waiting to hear from other friends in Florida as to their safety.


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