On the Road Again – This Time to Florida

This is a notice that there may not be any new articles posted in this newsletter for a few days. In fact, the weekly Plus Edition email version of the newsletter may be delayed a few days as well.

I am traveling to my winter home in Florida to repair the damage caused by Hurricane Irma. My Florida neighbors tell me the damage to my house is minor but probably should not be ignored and left exposed to the rain for very long. Therefore, I need to fix it now.

My neighbors also have told me there is no electricity in the neighborhood, no telephone service, no water, and no Internet connectivity. In some areas, the power may be off for weeks.

Luckily, the cell phones are working well. I don’t have wired telephone service anyway so I won’t miss that.

Without electricity, I won’t have air conditioning (Oh no!) and won’t be able to cook food. However, the area is getting back to normal and some stores, gas stations, and restaurants have re-opened. Critical supplies, such as water, bread, and milk are often sold out, however. Still, I don’t think I will starve!

Also, without electricity and without Internet connectivity, I won’t be online very much. I can “tether” my cell phone and use it as a wireless modem but the network may be busy with other users. Even when it works, the 4G wireless cellular connection is still slower than a (wired) broadband connection.

I am hoping for a quick resolution for the electricity, water, and Internet connectivity problems.


OUC Has been progressing due to TV in Titusville. Duke ?
Depending on your ISP you may have service but no power fo it.
Good luck at getting supplies.


I always keep a small propane tank, a mini-propane burner (not assembled) & a lighter in my car. I have used that to brew coffee on the shoulder of a lonely highway in west Texas. When all else fails…


Take some tarps and safe travels!


Should have kept that motorhome.


Safe travels and good luck with the repairs. Take care of yourself.


Safe travels


Patricia Stano-Carpenter September 15, 2017 at 4:09 am

Sorry you have to go through this. Good luck with all that has to be done.


I have a best friend in central FL. She said that Verizon has opened up all their wifi hotspots for use by everyone, customer or not.


“I see tins of tuna in your suitcase…”


We spoke at the IAJGS Conference in Orlando. Having dealt with a long loss of power after Sandy hit Long Island five years ago, I feel your pain. You are right to think that cell service may not get back to normal for awhile. Good luck with your repairs and I hope you will be back to normal quickly. The rest of us can wait a bit for your knowledge and wisdom.


    I am now in Orlando. Cellular service is the one thing that is working well. No landline phones and no electricity, but it looks like I will get by OK. This message comes from my cellphone.


where is your home that was damaged? I am in coral gables and we were luckier than anticipated. We were out of our home fora while after Andrew. Good luck.


Just have plenty of portable charges for your phone. Cell service has been outstanding during this mess. Same for Harvey, as my husband was working out there for it. One for him and one for me. Storm that is.


Sorry that you and so many others have been afflicted by our bigger-than-ever hurricanes. Hope your repairs go swiftly and that electricity, etc. will return soon. Don’t worry about taking some time off from the newsletter. You deserve a little time off.


Dick, Orange and Seminole counties are saying that power should be back for everyone by the end of the weekend. Mine came back on Tuesday, so hope yours comes back soon. I was amazed that my internet and cable were working too. Cell service has been pretty good throughout. Good luck!


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