rootstrust Now Runs Natively on a Chromebook

I have written previously about rootstrust, a genealogy program for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.  (You can see one of my earlier articles at Now the folks at Atavus have still another operating system: Chromebooks, the low-cost laptop and desktop computers.

The following announcement was written by the folks at Atavus:

Last year Atavus reported that rootstrust can run on a Chromebook via a virtual computer system that you must subscribe to for a monthly fee. Paperspace, MacInCloud and Frame are virtual systems that rootstrust is compatible with. Now Atavus is pleased to announce that rootstrust runs natively on GalliumOS, a free Linux variant developed specifically for the Chromebook. A Chromebook can be configured for dual booting which means that the user selects either ChromeOS or GalliumOS when the device is powered on.

Rootstrust executing on GalliumOS on an Acer Chromebook 14

GalliumOS is a fast, lean version of Linux based on Ubuntu but with a simple, Windows-like user interface. Due to the limited storage capacity of most Chromebooks, GalliumOS comes with few software accessories, however you can add what you need.

Despite the limited Chromebook resources, Atavus was able to install GalliumOS on an Acer Chromebook 14, add LibreOffice, download and install rootstrust, copy from a flash drive to the Chromebook an 8000-person rootstrust database along with approximately 10GB worth of File Cabinets (document and multimedia files linked to the database) and still have 15GB of storage space left for growth. LibreOffice plus native apps for displaying image files and PDFs provide all the software infrastructure needed to enable all of rootstrust’s functionality on this lightweight, inexpensive platform.

You will find an excellent tutorial on installing GalliumOS at:

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