rootstrust is now interoperable with Evernote®

Atavus, Inc. has just announced an improvement to the company’s product, rootstrust is now interoperable with Evernote®. This should interest many genealogists as rootstrust is now interoperable with Evernote® now works with Evernote, a very popular product amongst genealogists.

The following announcement was written by Atavus, Inc.:

Atavus, Inc. announces that its multiplatform genealogy program, rootstrust, now supports interoperability with Evernote. In the latest version of rootstrust, users can optionally use Evernote as a primary or secondary repository for imported files and website links.

Evernote is a multiplatform app for taking, organizing and archiving notes where a ‘note’ can be virtually any file or website link. To take advantage of this interoperability between rootstrust and Evernote, you must first have an Evernote account. You can start with a free account and upgrade to a Plus account or to a Premium account, as you require more storage space. Windows and Mac OS users also need to download and install the free Evernote client program for their operating system. Since there is no Evernote client available for Linux, rootstrust will soon (next release) provide its Linux users with an Evernote-like extension to rootstrust.

Until now, rootstrust has only permitted its users to import document and multimedia files from predefined sections of the host computer file system called File Cabinets. Files that were dragged and dropped from outside a rootstrust File Cabinet would be moved or copied into a File Cabinet. Now rootstrust users can optionally use Evernote as a primary repository (in lieu of a File Cabinet) or secondary repository (in addition to a File Cabinet) for their imported files. Similarly, linked website addresses can now be optionally stored in Evernote rather than the rootstrust database or in Evernote and the database.

If you are using rootstrust with Evernote, the Evernote interoperability can be toggled on and off by clicking the Evernote button on rootstrust’s main toolbar or the toolbar of its Event detail form. When active, Evernote will list any ‘notes’ that you have linked to the currently selected rootstrust object (Person, Family, Event, Source, Place, etc.). The first item in the list will be displayed. For terminal objects like documents or multimedia files, the selected item will be displayed.

Go to to view a short demonstration video of this functionality. For a longer, more detailed treatment, try

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