imbue App for iOS devices and soon, Android: Make Every Family Item a Time Capsule

A new family memory app for Apple devices that should appeal to many genealogists is being developed in a Kickstarter campaign. It will be demonstrated in a technology demonstration next year at RootsTech. The app was launched Wednesday, September 20.

The name of this new app is imbue, apparently always spelled with a lower-case “i.” The word “imbue” means “Inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality. Saturate, suffuse, drench, steep.”

If you contribute financially to the development of this new app, you can be both a beta tester and also receive a subscription to the final, released product when it is ready.

Quoting from the imbue app’s web page at:

The imbue app preserves precious family memories.

This secure app allows you to organize and share stories about special items, such as treasures you have collected over the years or heirlooms handed down in your family.

Your voice, the voice of a child, parent or grandparent— captured and stored in one place.

You could gather these stories in other ways, of course, and save them on multiple platforms, but the imbue app has been created to permanently be your memory place.

More details are available on the project’s Kickstarter page.

The project has a funding goal of $16,234 US, or $20,000 Canadian, this being a Canadian Kickstarter campaign

You can learn a lot more about imbue in the text and in videos on the imbue home page at and on the project’s Kickstarter page at: If you are interested, you probably also will want to monitor the imbue Blog at:


So far I haven’t found much specifics. I’m trying to contact Keith Wells (imbue guy) about technical and legal details. I’ll report back if I get any.


I presume you meant that the Kickstarter campaign was launched 9/20, not the app since the app isn’t written yet, hence the need for Kickstarter.
“There’s nothing to see here” is the operative phrase.


    —> I presume you meant that the Kickstarter campaign was launched 9/20, not the app since the app isn’t written yet,

    I think you need to read the article once again.

    imbue for iOS (Apple iPad and iPhone) is available now. That iOS app for Apple devices was launched Wednesday, September 20. There certainly is “something to see” there right now. Anyone who has an iPad or iPhone can obtain imbue right now and use it.

    inbue for Android devices will be created if funding on Kickstarter is successful.


I haven’t found the app on Apple’s App store, if anyone finds it please post the URL. As far as details I’m looking for how the data will be stored “permanently” as claimed in their text and how is ownership controlled. Is there a foundation or other similar vehicle to guarantee permanence? As far as Technical details – I’m trying to find the app before I go into specifics. So far details are extremely lacking. Normally when an App is launched the company will provide the direct URL. I have launched and reviewed Apple and Android mobile apps for several companies, this launch is very underwelming so far as far as details other than the kickstarter. has the sparsest web site I’ve ever seen for launched product.


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