‘South Park’ to Make Fun of Genealogy DNA Web Sites

The animated television series South Park is taking a shot at white people who feel they are oppressed by an overly politically correct society.

In a preview for Wednesday’s episode “Holiday Special,” Randy watches a commercial for a web site that claims to help Caucasians identity their genealogy, DNA and Me, which leads them to feel oppressed once they discover a small percentage of minority ancestry.

The announcer on the DNA and Me commercial goes on to say, “Order now and find out if your friends should be more sympathetic towards you.”


Sour grapes and spit at $100 a bottle, or $12 for a half gallon. Easy escape from reality and simulated cache.

Dean McLeod



I wasn’t able to watch the video, but the description sounds hilarious.


Anybody else spotted the uncanny resemblance of the cyclist in the clip to Dick Eastman? No glasses of course, but possibly they are only needed for close up work!

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Disgusting, would it have been so funny if a black family found out they had white ancestors. No, it’s about time people are reminded that not all white people are racist.


    Sue – I think that it is more about the hypocrisy of some people who consider that their ancestry is pure, and that does seem to be more of a concern to those with lighter skins.

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    Now I feel oppressed 😖


    Sue, I think you’ve missed the point. It’s laughing at those kind of people who want attention so look for non-white genes so they can say they are oppressed as well. It actually comes across as a different kind of racism. Like the white woman who wanted to be black so darkened her skin and wore an afro. Not cool.

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I have to agree with Russell, this seems to be more about hyprocisy of people taking the test just to see if they have a minority ethnicty in their genes. Not one of the “people” mentioned that they were doing genealogy, they just wanted to find out their ethnic roots. I actually found it quite funny, and I’ve done the test. But I use the results in order to continue my tree and help with some brick walls.

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I really wish you didn’t write this article that got me to watch that crud. At least DNAandMe seemed like a good company. They even checked results that seemed incorrect.


Everyone is a target with South Park – the MOST politically incorrect show which has somehow been running for years! We have to keep our sense of humor or we’d all go crazy 😀

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LOL it’s South Park and on South Park EVERY subject is open to parody – in bad taste or not. Breathe people, really.

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I needed a laugh this morning 🙂 I guess DNA is now mainstream. In a recent workshop, someone asked how to get other family members to do DNA testing. The speaker suggested telling them about the ethnicity results and that usually gets people interested. Even though we know that is the least accurate part of DNA testing, it does seem to be what many people are interested in who are not into genealogy.
Poking fun at DNA testing is a way to get across a strong message that under our skin, we are all cousins in one way or another.
Thanks for all you do 🙂


I think this went over your head, it’s making fun of people who use their minority status to claim oppression, you should have caught on at the end when they were saying what percentage victim they were, LOL


Probably a comedic approach to ethnicity using genealogy is not especially wise particularly if it is not clearly enough stated so that it leaves no doubt it is comedy.


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