Ancestor Network Moves to Establish Branch in Northern Ireland

The following announcement was written by the folks at Ancestor Network:

Belfast and Dublin, 17 October 2017 – Because of growing demand from people of the Irish Diaspora with Ulster roots, as well as demand from solicitor firms and heir hunting firms for specialist genealogical researchers in the six counties, Ancestor Network Ltd ( has announced today the establishment of its Northern Ireland branch and the opening of its new Belfast office ( The branch is headed by Michael Rooney, a native of Northern Ireland, who is the Permanent Representative and Lead Genealogist for Ancestor Network in Belfast. The registered address of the Northern Ireland branch is 138 University Street, Belfast, BT71HJ, Northern Ireland.

Ancestor Network is the first Irish genealogy research, advisory and publishing company to establish offices in both the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland.

John Hamrock, Managing Director of Ancestor Network, commented, “We are delighted to establish our branch in Northern Ireland. We have assisted many customers with Ulster roots in tracing their ancestors and in discovering their Irish heritage over the years and Michael Rooney has been an integral part of our team. Now is a perfect time to establish a branch in Northern Ireland to help our customers both here and abroad in a more personal and localised way. Our services range from genealogy advice, research, tourism and education, and publishing.”

Michael Rooney, Permanent Representative and Lead Genealogist of the Belfast branch, said, “Ancestor Network is perfectly positioned in Northern Ireland to assist locals and people from abroad in genealogy research and advice. We are also extending our probate genealogy research to Northern Ireland to assist law firms and heir hunting firms locally in professional research assignments. In addition, we have recently to introduced new enhancements to the free ‘Ancestor Network’ app to assist researchers with helpful information about all the key Northern Irish genealogical and historical research archives, libraries and museums. We also aim to extend the range of Flyleaf Press books on tracing ancestors in Ireland to include the Ulster counties that experienced mass emigration over the years.”


I am sending this Irish information just in case its something you could use.

Mary Lou


I know we’d all like to “go it alone” and prove our genealogical prowess on our own; I was in that frame of mind myself for years. But, especially with Irish genealogy problems, this attitude sometimes condemns us to a frustrating dead-end. While in Ulster a few years ago doing research, I was driven to consult a professional by repeated failures to discover more about important direct-line relatives (e.g. my g-grandfather). Just an hour or two with a professional cleared a path forward for me and, within several months, the professional genealogist sent me proof of my g-grandfather’s baptism in Armagh! He didn’t take over; he helped me discover more by pointing me in the right direction. I’m VERY happy Ancestor Network has come to NI.


John Grimes, I too would appreciate the name/contact info for the professional researcher that provided such good help for you. I have been deferring a trip to N. Ireland for two years in hopes of finding a certain connection, and would prefer to not wait much longer!
Thank you,
Landa P


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