Announcing Unlock the Past Handy Guides

The following announcement was written by the folks at Unlock the Past, a division of Gould Genealogy:

Adelaide, South Australia, 18 October 2017 – history and genealogy company, Unlock the Past, has launched a new series of handy guides to add to its popular guide books series. These are low cost A4 four-page guides on quality heavy card stock, concise, but packed full of key facts and clear information – intended for handy reference.

The series has launched with six titles from well known genealogists and Unlock the Past presenters and authors, Kerry Farmer, Eric Kopittke and Chris Paton. Current titles are listed at

They are priced at AU$5 (US$4 and £3) — for ready sale by authors themselves, societies and other resellers. Ebook editions are available for AU$3.95 from The range of titles is expected to grow considerably in coming months.

We welcome:

  • proposals for new topics from existing and prospective Unlock the Past authors
  • reseller inquiries. Generous reseller discounts are available to authors, societies and others to sell to their hearers, members and customers — a useful additional revenue stream. We can ship internationally.

About Unlock the Past

Our parent company Gould Genealogy started business in 1976. Unlock the Past started in 2009 as:

  • a specialist genealogy publisher, with over 80 guide books in both print and ebook editions – covering Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Ireland and miscellaneous topics:
    • 28 authors from Australia, New Zealand, the US, the UK and Scotland
    • licensed international printers/distributors in the UK and North America
  • a special/major events organiser – over 100 events since 2010, including:
    • eight expos in four Australian states
    • 14 history and genealogy cruises — from Australia, New Zealand and the UK, Europe and North America
    • Australia’s first ever national battlefield tour — to the Northern Territory in 2012
    • numerous seminars and roadshows with leading local, national and international presenters

Further information:

printed editions:
ebook editions:

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