Family History Hosting Announces GedSite Version 1.10

GedSite is a great tool for creating personal genealogy web sites. The propgram has its own “roots” in a program that was used to create gorgeous web sites from the database of The Master Genealogist, a Windows program that is no longer available. The program’s creator, John Cardinal, then moved his focus to creating web sites from GEDCOM files. He named the newly-launched program GedSite.

Now John has greatly expanded the capabilities of GedSite, as explained in the announcement below:

Family History Hosting Announces GedSite Version 1.10

Featuring enhancements for customers using Legacy®

North Andover, MA – October 27, 2017 – Family History Hosting, LLC is pleased to announce GedSite version 1.10, the most recent release of this must-have tool for any genealogist creating web sites from GEDCOM files. This release features enhanced support for GEDCOM files exported from Legacy® and several optimizations related to exhibit handling.

“GedSite builds narratives using a flexible processing engine that interprets sentence templates exported from several genealogy programs, now including Legacy” said John Cardinal, CEO and Founder of Family History Hosting.

Soliciting and acting on customer feedback is an integral part of the GedSite development process, and as usual, this release delivers several features requested by users, including optimizations related to media exhibits.

GedSite creates HTML pages that can be published on the web or shared privately via removable media or cloud-based file storage. Genealogists who do not plan to share their research via a web site will find GedSite useful for personal use: reviewing an unpublished site is easy and provides an all-encompassing view of lineage, names, events, places, citations, sources, and media exhibits.

The Publish feature in GedSite is closely integrated with the Family History Hosting web hosting service. With two mouse clicks, your site is uploaded to the server, a process so simple and fast that customers update their sites frequently, and frequent updates keep your site interesting to your visitors.

For more information about GedSite, see the product homepage at To purchase a GedSite license, visit Family History Hosting’s software sales site at

About Family History Hosting, LLC
Family History Hosting LLC was founded in 2007 to provide first-class web hosting services for genealogists and family historians, and to publish genealogy software focused on web site creation.


Legacy is a registered trademark of Millennia Corporation.


Sounds like the product produces static pages.

While my personal preference is for the dynamic pages produced by TNG and WebTrees, I wonder what your take on the question of static vs. dynamic is.


This is what I use to put my RootsMagic database online, and I love it. I used to use John’s Second Site with TMG, and when TMG closed down, I was so happy to see GedSite come out. I think it’s a wonderful program, and he also offers hosting, which I don’t currently use, but very convenient for someone who doesn’t already have a web host. I recommend it to anyone who can produce a Gedcom and would like to put up a website.


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