TheGenealogist adds to its expanding collection of Parish Records

The following announcement was written by the folks at TheGenealogist:

TheGenealogist has added over 140,000 individuals to their Parish Records for Worcestershire and Warwickshire to increase the coverage of these midland counties.

Released in association with Malvern Family History Society and the Nuneaton & North Warwickshire Family History Society, this is an ongoing project to make available high quality transcripts to family history researchers.

  • 97,841 individuals have been added to the Worcestershire baptism records
  • 44,250 individuals join the Warwickshire baptism records

These new records can be used to find your ancestors’ baptisms, in fully searchable records that cover parishes from this area of England. With records that reach back to the mid 16th century, this release allows family historians to find the names of ancestors, their parents’ forenames, the father’s occupation (where noted), and the parish that the event took place at.

This is an ongoing project where family history societies transcribe records for their areas to be released on both TheGenealogist and FHS-Online, the website that brings together data from various Family History Societies across the UK while providing a much needed extra source of funds for societies.

These new records are available as part of the Diamond Subscription at TheGenealogist.

If your society is interested in publishing records online, please contact Mark Bayley on 01722 717002 or see


In the last few weeks I was debating if I would spend the money on a Diamond Subscription. After a week I paid. Almost immediately I found a direct ancestors baptism record that I had been searching for over 20 years. From 1780. The reason I couldn’t find her baptism was she was a Quaker. And the Genealogist has these records. My subscription paid for itself in one day. Two weeks later I have many of her ancestors back to the 1500’s. Their Quaker records are fantastic. One of the marriage records even quotes the wedding ceremony. This was one of the most emotional finds I’ve ever had of a direct ancestor. But like all subscription sites they don’t have everything. But combining thegenealogist, findmypast, myheritage, FamilySearch, they help cover a huge amount.


    Emma Jean Smith
    Are Methodist Church Records available for Lebanon, NH around 1820? Rev. Robert
    Williams was the minister there at the time. I would like to know if his children were baptised during his ministry. He served at Canaan, NH also for a time.
    Emma Jean


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