Use a Twitter Bot to Colorize Your Black-And-White Photos in Seconds for Free

Use a Twitter bot to colorize photos? It sounds strange but is true.

If you tweet the Colorise Bot a photograph of a black-and-white photograph, will transform it into a technicolor picture. The best part? It’s super fast, with some images colorized in a matter of seconds. The new tool is the product of two British teenagers, Oli Callaghan and Finnian Anderson. Oli is 18, while Finnian is just 17 years old. The Colorise Bot uses a pre-made neural network that’d been trained on a large dataset of 4.5 million images.

Ah, those teenagers! What will they think of next? When I was 17 years old, I wasn’t thinking about neural networks!

To use Colorise Bot, just tweet it a black-and-white picture. It’ll get back to you pretty quickly.

You can read more at while the Colorise Bot is at:


Yes, those teenagers! I submitted 16 black and white photos to the Colorise Bot twitter site and the transformation was very fast, however, with mediocre results. I submitted the same 16 photos to another site that have used in the past using the Algorithmia software. Of the two, the Colorise Bot produced better results (9 for Colorise Bot, 7 for Algorithmia). It’s not a perfect way to colorize, but it’s more of a novelty.
Dick, I’d like to post some of the results. How can I do that?
Mike Provard


I tweeted them a nice semi-formal photo of my grandfather seated on a bench wearing a suit, white shirt and white silk tie. It came back fast, with everything in sort of a sepia tone except the suit pants were dyed blue-jeans blue, which would have clearly insulted my grandpa, who probably had to pay a full weeks’ wages for that suit. LOL!


I sent 3 photos several days ago and have not had any results. Maybe I did it wrong. Just exactly how do you “tweet” a photo to them?


I’m with Terry. I had never signed up for Twitter before, but I did set up an account and I tweeted two photos to the bot. I was able to see the (mediocre) results on the Colorise twitter page, but not on my own page. I can’t figure out how to “follow” Colorise. Just call me unsocial!


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