QromaScan v3 Introduces Natural Language Tagging

I wrote about the QromaScan device earlier. Start at https://duckduckgo.com/?q=site%3Aeogn.com+QromaScan&t=hg&ia=web to see my earlier articles. Now a major new software upgrade is available for QromaScan. Here is the announcement from Qroma LLC:

Create Industry Standard Photo Metadata from Natural Voice Descriptions.

SAN JOSE, California— November 17, 2017— Consumers frustrated by the complexity of scanning and organizing their film based images will have a new option as Silicon Valley-based Qroma LLC announces the availability of QromaScan v3.0 for iOS®. QromaScan captures and organizes photos, slides and negatives in one step using specially designed iPhone® accessories and an innovative voice recognition technology. Version 3 brings a new Natural Language Tagging engine that enables users to describe their photos in their own words and use QromaScan’s cutting edge voice recognition technology to detect and embed photo metadata tags for key details such like the date, location and people. A new Relationship Manager detects the use of common nouns used for describing family members such as ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ and automatically tags the image with their full names.

QromaScan 3 greatly simplifies what was once the tedious process of creating industry standard photo metadata. Powered by machine learning and linguistic parsing, QromaScan 3’s Natural Language Tagging engine can store up to 2,000 characters of the user’s transcribed description of a photo and then automatically generate photo metadata tags for things like dates, places, GPS coordinates, and people names. The transcribed description and detected metadata are embedded into the image where they are recognized and made searchable by any operating system or photo organization software that reads standard EXIF and IPTC metadata, such as Adobe Lightroom CC®, Google Photos or Apple Photos®.

“In the past, we might have flipped a photograph over to find out more about what was going on.” said Tony Knight, QromaScan’s product manager. “With digital images, there isn’t a back of the photo anymore, but QromaScan 3 brings your prints and slides into the modern age by transforming your voice description into the type of searchable metadata that can help you tell your photo’s story to future generations. There’s no easier way to tag a photo than by using your own voice.”

QromaScan v3.0.2 is available to today in the App Store as a free update, and the QromaScan Lightbox and SlideBox are available at qroma.net.


Is it also available for Android devices?


    It is available only for iPhone.

    One reason is purely mechanical: the lens on the cell phone camera must be in a specific place in order to fit properly in the QromaScan device. iPhone lenses are always in the exact same place. Android cell phones have lenses in different locations: left side, center, right side, etc. Not all Android cell phones will fit properly.


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