World’s First Online Gallery of Pilgrim Descendants Created by New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS)

The following announcement was written by the folks at the New England Historic Genealogical Society:

American Ancestors Invites Mayflower Passenger Descendants to Commemorate their Pilgrim Heritage with Name and Photo

Interactive Website Reveals Authoritative Accounts of the Lives of Pilgrims and Mayflower Crew Drawn from Years of NEHGS Research

November 19, 2017—Boston, Massachusetts—The New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) has launched a new interactive website that presents the most authoritative biographies to date of the Pilgrims who set sail for a new world 397 years ago—available for free for the first time. The site invites their living descendants to engage with the past by becoming a part of modern Mayflower history.

At—the world’s first online gallery of Pilgrim descendants—NEHGS is documenting the ever-increasing diaspora of an estimated 30 million living descendants of the original Mayflower passengers around the world. Descendants are invited to commemorate their connection and heritage to these venerated figures of our nation’s history by placing their name, photograph, and other identifiers in an online gallery—immediately joining a virtual community of people worldwide who share Mayflower ancestry. Participation is free.

The website’s content is the result of years of study by scholars at NEHGS—the country’s founding genealogical organization—and provides authoritative biographies of each Mayflower passenger. Data presented is culled from profiles created through the renowned Great Migration Study Project at NEHGS—the definitive source of reference for early immigration to New England.

In a unique section of “Meet the passengers,” the website lists the names of 108 passengers and crew members and highlights those known to have left descendants, allowing participants to link directly to the Pilgrim who is part of their family tree. Those who are uncertain about their genealogical relationship to the Pilgrims may access other resources offered by NEHGS to explore a possible family relationship to them. It also leads to resources that may help with one’s search for other ancestors from this era to the present.

A world map illustrates the location of Pilgrim descendants from all over the world—and allows users to click on each for more information from the descendant’s own profile. The site provides an experience that both educates and engages participants in becoming a living part of the Mayflower story.

The new website from NEHGS is part of the organization’s preparation for the commemoration in 2020 of the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s passage and landing on American shores, and is the NEHGS portal for all 2020-related announcements and events. As the year 2020 approaches, NEHGS envisions that participation in the online gallery will include thousands of living Pilgrim descendants from around the world as the website itself expands to include additional features commemorating the Mayflower experience.

NEHGS, with its national headquarters located in Boston’s Back Bay, is the oldest and largest genealogical society in America. NEHGS serves more than 250,000 members and millions of online users engaged in family history nationally and around the world. It is home to a world-class research library and archive, and an expert staff. NEHGS offers an award-winning genealogical research website at with 1.4 billion records and maintains a publishing division which produces original genealogical research, scholarship, and educational materials, including the Mayflower Descendant, a quarterly journal of Pilgrim genealogy and history.


The www in the link isn’t necessary. It results in a broken link. The link should be


Thanks as always Dick, but the URL you provided is bad. This is how is appears when accessed from NEHGS’ main page:
Now off to see if I have a connection…


Their claim that it’s the world’s first online gallery of Pilgrim descendants depends on a very narrow definition of “gallery”. It may be the first online slideshow of Pilgrim descendants, but at least three websites have, for some years now, had pictures of living “Mayflower” descendants, with their names. The totally free sites Familypedia, Wikipedia, and WikiTree are the three I first thought of, and I expect several of your readers can name a few more.

Still, it’s a good initiative and I’ll be creating a link to it from Familypedia, where each Mayflower passenger already has a separate article, mostly with lists of descendants..


Excited to be a part of this on behalf of my husband’s Cooke ancestry.


My family is from,Myles Standish


My family is related to John Billington.
Knowing that we are related to May Flower passengers has brought a different meaning to Thanksgiving.


Thanks for posting this information. We had a lot of fun with the list of Mayflower passengers and crew, as well as the map showing where their descendants live now, although one suspects there are many more sprinkled around the globe who haven’t signed up because they remain unaware of the project.


My maternal family is from John and Priscilla (Gould) Putnam


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