Even After Death, Social Media Still Connects Loved Ones

The Voice of America web site has an interesting article about the online memorials left by recently-deceased computer users. The article states:

“Social media is turning into a vast graveyard for profiles of owners who have passed away, leaving them unattended or as standing memorials. And some experts are urging social networks to do more to help users prepare for their digital deaths.

“There are millions of them – pages that remain on social media sites, and in some cases, automatically update after their owners’ death.

“The numbers vary from 5 million to as many as 300 million, according to Jed Brubaker, a digital death expert with the University of Colorado, Boulder. But it’s hard to know the exact numbers because “tracking the rate of death across the world is hard,” he said.

“Facebook, in particular, has millions of dead profiles that could overtake those of the living by the latter half of the century, if the social media giant fails to grow its user base further.”

Some death studies experts argue that social media is “repositioning” death back into everyday practices as a way to keep information about ancestors present for reflection.

You can read the article by Aida Akl in the VOA web site at: http://bit.ly/2AkcDAI.

What sort of memorial will YOU be leaving?

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