The Genealogy of Meghan Markle

The name of Meghan Markle is all over the newspapers this week. The American actress, model, and humanitarian became engaged to England’s Prince Harry. Of course, the newspapers are having a field day about the American who will soon marry a member of the British Royal Family.

Prince Harry’s ancestry is well documented with some branches going back more than 1,000 years. However, the genealogy of Meghan Markle is not as well known, at least not until this week. An article by Tom Sykes in The Daily Beast web site describes what is known of Markle’s genealogy, including ancestors who were slaves in the United States.

The Fascinating Family History of the American Set to Revolutionize the Royals may be found at:


Interesting article except for the mistake of assuming that just because one great-great-great-great grandfather doesn’t match the story she told of her ancestry, then it must be family myth. Clearly the author of the article doesn’t understand how many gggg-grandfathers we each have.


There is a Arabic ancestor in most of the European Royalty lines.


I’ve found one serious error in the relationships given by the author of the article. Gggf Jeremiah “Jerry” RAGLAND / RAGLIN was the son of Texanna (RAGLIN) SMITH and an unknown father. Texanna was the daughter of Stephen RAGLIN / RAGLAND (d. 1926) and Ellen Ann LIMON / LEMON who died 1924. Texanna (aka Texas Anna etc) had Jerry when she was about 14 and then married Cosby Berry SMITH in GA 25 Sep 1892, moved to Los Angeles and had 7 children by him C. B who died in 1945. Texanna died at LA 26 Jan 1962. The proof is in the 1900 census where Jerry is given as Grandson of the Stephen and Ellen RAGLIN / RAGLAND. Also note that there was a plantation owner, Lemuel RAGLIN at Henry Co., GA in the 1860s so possibly that is origin of the surname.


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