WikiTree Offers New One-to-One GEDmatch DNA Test Comparison Links

The following announcement was written by the folks at

WikiTree is excited to announce the following. It’s something founder Chris Whitten has been wanting every time he sees a distant cousin’s DNA test connected to one of his ancestor’s profiles (which is becoming more and more common — 3.3 million of their profiles have them).

You will now see “[compare]” links next to GEDmatch kit IDs on profiles and DNA Ancestor Confirmation Aid pages such as Roberts-7085/899.

To access their own Ancestor Confirmation Aid page, members can click here and then select the “DNA Confirmation” button.

If you select or enter two GEDmatch IDs you can go directly to a one-to-one comparison on GEDmatch with one click. (This also works for Ysearch and Mitosearch IDs. This capability isn’t new, but WikiTree integrated the user interface for it.)

For more info, see Help:DNA_Comparison.

This is another step forward in their growing relationship with GEDmatch. And there’s more on the way. John Olson, John Hayward, and Curtis Rogers are constantly improving GEDmatch’s capabilities and they are working together to utilize their advanced genetic genealogy tools for WikiTree’s mission to grow an accurate single family tree.

In particular, GEDmatch is in the process of restructuring and improving their Multi-Kit analysis. And they’re working on integrating the new Genesis kit IDs into their main database. When these changes are done, GEDmatch will enable WikiTree members to select more than just two kits at a time for comparison. This will be a major advance for triangulation, and for genetic genealogy in general.


Wow. I didn’t understand a word of that, really. Is this germane only to users of this company? I had my DNA done by Can a person somehow obtain those results (the actual test results, whatever they’re called) and upload them to a database like this one? Not everyone is on Ancestry but who can afford to have their DNA tested over and over again for each proprietary database?
It’s probably obvious I haven’t a clue what I’m doing here.


Ducklady, anyone can transfer their Ancestry DNA results to Gedmatch. You have to download the Ancestry data to your computer first, which you should do anyway since it’s yours. Gedmatch is a terrific free site that lets you compare your results with those of people who have tested at other DNA companies to find cousins and verify trees. Being able to do this in Wikitree will be even better.

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    Ducklady, seeing actual segments located on specific chromosomes has made it possible to detect AncestryDNA shared ancestor hints aka SAH that had no DNA support . I had quite a few. Some that were close enough in the tree to be easily mistaken while the real solution was missed.


    Thank you Robert, Cassie and Jennifer. It took a while and a visit to You Tube to figure out how to upload my Ancestry results, but I managed to do it. I’ll wait a couple of days to see what comes up.
    Thank you.


I find GEDmatch very difficult to understand. Many of the choices are not well defined.


I registered to gedmatch around three years ago,I already have a gedmatch match code number, where do I paste it. Marva Jean Brazelton,


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