Meghan Markle is Descended from King Edward III, according to Researchers at NEHGS

Markle is a cousin of her future husband, Prince Harry, more than 240 times over. She is related to Prince Harry through lines shared with both HM The Queen and the late Diana, Princess of Wales. She is related to 8 American presidents, 3 first ladies, and a cast of other notable Americans, including actors James Dean and Roy Rogers.

World renowned genealogist Gary Boyd Roberts, Senior Research Scholar Emeritus at the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) has, together with collaborators, revealed that England’s future American Royal Bride is descended from royalty herself. She is a 24th generation descendant of King Edward III, a medieval monarch of England who died in 1377. This newly discovered lineage for Ms. Markle comes through an early immigrant to Boston, Massachusetts, the royally-descended Rev. William Skipper, who arrived in New England in 1639, an ancestor of the future royal’s father, Thomas Wayne Markle.

You can read all the details in the New England Historic Genealogical Society’s web site at:


Interesting research on Meghan Markle’s European heritage. I eagerly await the genealogists’ details on her African lines of descent especially names of the slave ships and captains that brought then over on.

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    Was this really necessary? Can’t you just be happy for them?


    Me thinks you protest too much. Why does asking about Meghan’s African ancestry and the obvious difficulty of tracing it evoke a negative response from you along with the assumption that I don’t want the best for this young couple? Why not? Meghan is not “Pinkie” or some tragic mulatto ashamed of her black heritage in need of passing for white. She fully embraces all that she is with sincere reflection on what it means to be of black heritage in America. I am not a royal groupie but was truly intrigued by the new couple solely because of Meghan’s mixed heritage. I was eager to read what the professional genealogists said about her heritage hoping they had also mapped her black ancestry. Hoping they could map a strategy for the rest of us whose ancestors came to these shores via a slave ship and not TWA. I was disappointed that they made no mention of her African ancestry. At least they could have noted that they, perhaps, are working on her African descent line but it is not easy, and may never be fully known because of slavery.

    And what does it mean that “Through these facts, taken together, she may be a solidifying and positive figure in Anglo-American kinship and American-British relations.”? So American refers ONLY to white people? Meghan’s mixed racial heritage is a better sign of peaceful racial inclusivity and diversity for both nations and British-American relations than a mono-racial background. Britain is now very much a racially diverse nation like America. They need Meghan in the fullness of who she is. BTWm I see the upcoming royal marriage as an affirmation of that new reality as well as the chance for a very happy future for two young people. Peace


Hear Hear Paula Matabane, Very Well said. I would like to believe more people could accept that we are an ever forward thinking people the world over and change is always present.


For further discussion on the descendants of Edward III, the analysis at :

and especially its conclusion, might be of interest:
“Conclusion: there is an extremely high probabilty that a modern English person with predominantly English ancestry descends from Edward III, at a very minimum over 99%, and more likely very close to 100%. The number of descendants of Edward III must therefore include nearly all of the population of England, and probably much of the populations of the rest of the UK and Eire, as well as many millions in the USA, former British colonies and Europe, so 100 million seems a conservative estimate. Documenting one’s own descent from Edward III is, however, another matter!”


Where’s the evidence Mr. Roberts? It should be fairly easy (if the research is accurate) to post “Edward was succeeded by his grandson Richard II” who begat party B, OR Edward fathered so and so who begat so and so who begat etc etc who begat Meghan. Could we see a link to this?


I am African-American, like so many I find the roots of my ancestral origins fascinating. My slave ancestor was the child of a slave holder who descended from King Edward I. More and more people of color are wanting to seek out their origins of their black heritage, as any feel it is a history that needs to be told.


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