How to Transfer Cassette Tapes to a Computer for Long-Term Preservation

A newsletter reader wrote to me recently, asking:

“I am in the process of backing up my family/genealogy records. There is a lot of information available about commercial services transfer of information. However, I am not seeing much about transfer of audiotapes to more stable backup. Have you written any articles or know of sources to help me evaluate commercial services for audiotapes?”

My answer is:

“No, I have not written about that simply because so many audio experts have already written about the topic and many of their articles are available online. I am not going to duplicate articles that have already been written. You can find dozens of articles describing several different methods by starting at:

“My favorite article about transferring old audio tapes to computer digital files is How to Transfer Cassette Tape to Computer on the WikiHow site at: It is very detailed and lavishly illustrated with some excellent drawings illustrating each recommended step. Check it out.”


Recently I had a reel-to-reel audio tape transferred to digital by Ron Carmody of Colorado. He e-mailed me the digital form. An EOGN reader, he offered his services very reasonably. He converts video, film, audio and photos to digital. His e-address is


    Thanks for the recommendation Sue! Yes, I can convert cassettes, reel to reel and all types of VHS, 8mm tape and film, Super 8 film and other video camera tapes. Contact me and we can discuss what I can do for you all!

    Rob Carmody


Terrific! Thanks Dick. Merry Christmas!


Check with the libraries in the area. Many of them are starting to have machines that can convert VCRs to DVD, audio tapes to Mp3s, etc. Although you have to do the work, the use of the machines is usually free. If your local library does not have this facility, check other libraries in the area.

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Thank you for the information. It is very timely as I have received 2 paper boxes (10 ream size) full of cassette tapes between brothers that were sent back and forth across the country. That is my winter project. Have a Merry Christmas and Holiday season.


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