“A Date Which Will Live in Infamy”

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, stunned virtually everyone in the United States. Pearl Harbor was totally unprepared. 353 Japanese planes mounted a surprise assault on American naval forces stationed in Hawaii. The attack killed 2,403 United States personnel, injured 1,178, drew the United States into World War II, and altered the course of history forever.

President Franklin Roosevelt quickly addressed Congress to ask for a declaration of war. This action was soon followed by declaration of war with Germany and, soon after, with Italy.

Today is the appropriate time to pause and reflect on the events of 76 years ago today. Let us vow to never again allow any nation ever catch us unprepared.

You can view many photos of the attack on Pearl Harbor at http://bit.ly/2k6jmDD and at http://bit.ly/2jsncYv.

The stories of the Pearl Harbor survivors can be found on many web sites. You might start at: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=stories+of+pearl+harbor+survivors&t=hf&ia=web.


Thank you to all the Veterans that served then and thru the years and especially those that made the ultimate sacrifice.


Why does the US think its view is the only correct one? Hawaii was n reality Japanese territory… that is fact. And if one needs dates ‘living in infamy’, try the Atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima civilians three years later…. tens of thousands dead and more than that injured… and decades later generations still suffering from the affects of the radiation. And generations of children of US military conscripts suffering from the enforced duty placed upon their parents and the brutality which their parents exhibited in consequence…. Conscripts sent as children to be the first into battle… most of whom did not return home and who lie buried either in the ocean or in graves in the territories in which they fought–against other conscripts of the countries invaded … Infamy you say? How about crimes against humanity-via the USA!?!


    Virginia B is correct in her recommendation of We Slept at Dawn and her other comments. Hawaii was never Japanese, though the Japanese were one of the largest groups to immigrate there. The history of the US foreign relations is not always one to be proud of, but Pearl Harbor is worth remembering.
    We cannot judge the actions of the past by today’s standards; only know our history and take care to learn the right lessons.


    Wow. I thought this was a moderated column. This comment by gazelledz has no place in this forum, IMO.


    —> I thought this was a moderated column.

    Indeed, it is moderated by me so I will respond to your comment.

    The comment posted by gazelledz certainly is unusual and is politically incorrect. I also believe his (her?) comments are not supported by historical facts. I doubt if you will find many people who agree with gazelledz.

    HOWEVER, I do not see anything in the comments that is improper. There is no profanity, offensive or inappropriate language, no personal attacks on another person, no spam, and nothing that is rude. Therefore, his (her?) comments were not censored.

    All comments are welcome here as long as they are polite, are related to the topic of the article, and add to the conversation here. As moderator, I do allow comments that promote views not held by the majority of people. That’s even true for views that I personally disagree with. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if most everyone else disagrees with the opinion being expressed.


    Are you being held against your will?
    America … Love it or Leave it …


I wonder if the events of December 7, 1941 are being taught in our schools today. The teaching of American history has become very troubling. Another thought–may I recommend the riveting classic study of Pearl Harbor, ‘At Dawn We Slept’ by Gordon Prange?


There is compelling evidence that Roosevelt and other government officials knew of the impending attack and allowed it to happen so they would have a pretext to enter the war.


    This myth has been studied and addressed ad infinitum. It is false. The info is out there for anyone wishing to read more.


If you don’t want a bear to attack you, you do not provoke him by waking him from slumber.


I love America. I served in the Air Force. That does not mean I agree with everything that politicians and our government do! And I do not plan to leave!


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