Learn More About Your Ancestors by Having Their Handwriting Analyzed

The following article was written by Jean Maguire, describing a recent presentation by Kathi McKnight at the Colorado Genealogical Society. This article is republished here with Jean’s permission:

Colorado Genealogical Society welcomes
Kathi McKnight, Hand Writing Expert
October 21, 2017
By Jean Maguire

My interest in hand writing analysis began when I was accused of stealing narcotic drugs while a nurse at Swedish Hospital. Drugs were missing from the pharmacy and the drug cart and signed out with my name. Since my name was all over charts and medication records, it was easy to copy my signature. Quietly, a wonderful person in human resources began checking my handwriting and other nurses on my floor. My handwriting did not match and the drug addict was apprehended and sent to rehab.

Handwriting analysis has been used since Aristotle. Eighty percent of companies in Europe and many Fortune 500 companies use it. Kathi McKnight is a Master Certified Graphologist; author of three books; and has analyzed thousands of documents since 1991. She is the go to person for TV shows; Dr. Oz; Washington Post; Sports Illustrated and many more.

Kathi let us know each of us has different handwriting, even though we were all taught in the same method. Handwriting analysis does not predict the future; does not tell age; does not tell sex, or reveal left or right handwriting. Even people with disabilities have different handwriting because handwriting comes from the brain and not from the hands.

She looks for many things in a sample. Is it legible? What is the size or does it have do the letter T? The first letter shows a strong ego. M’s can show heart or head. A letter left open on the bottom shows letting part of self just go. Slants show emotions; right emotive, left an actor.

How about your ancestors? More heart shows in our ancestors. Depression shows if letters drop in a line. John Hancock wrote such a big bold signature to make sure the King could see it.

If you would like to know more or to sign up for your own handwriting analysis, go to www.thehandwritingexpert.com.


Hand writing analysis, or graphology, to determine personality traits is a pseudoscience and simply does not work. Check your own handwriting and see how the little details that are supposed to determine your personality will change depending on where, how and with what you are writing. (More info http://skepdic.com/graphol.html). Please don’t waste money on this.

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More pseudo science. At least it isn’t a dowsing article. Still waiting for your article on seances as a source for genealogical data…why rely on the documentary record when you ask the deceased person themselves.

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I am a collector of signatures! Especially those of my ancestors! One of my treasured documents is a deed containing the signatures of the heirs of my great-great grandfather.


nigelhuffingwaysmythe December 13, 2017 at 1:58 am

Yup. Handwriting analysis “does not tell age; does not tell sex, or reveal left or right handwriting”. It only tells you things that can’t ever be verified.

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I am by nature the skeptical type but once on a visit to Atlanta Underground I decided to blow $10 on a handwriting analysis and headed off for a beer while waiting. Came back and the fellow mentioned that my profile was a tad unusual, combining an analytical bent like an accountant or attorney with a strong creative and visual streak like an artist of some type. Why was I in Atlanta? a. To finish some continuing education credits necessary for my Certified Financial Planner designation and b. To take a portrait photography course at the Winona School. Somehow he nailed it. Still scratching my head as to how!


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