Steve Morse Creates a New Online “Applying 2016-2018 Tax Brackets” Calculator

NOTE: This article has nothing to do with genealogy except that Steve Morse is famous for his “One Step Genealogy” web pages at Steve is now branching out into other topics, helping to simplify the use of complex information.

Steve Morse created his “One Step Genealogy” web pages that have since become standard reference pages for millions of genealogists. He also created the “Viewing ObamaCare Health Plans in One Step” several years ago. Steve hasn’t been standing idly by as more complex information is becoming important to every American.

The so-called tax reform bill looks like it is about to be passed by Congress and signed by the president. Indeed, it is complex and has many, many changes. Some taxes will be lowered while others will be raised. Steve apparently decided to help simplify the information.

The new online “Applying 2016-2018 Tax Brackets in One Step” uses the tax brackets for various years to compute the federal tax for any income up to one million dollars. The years covered are 2016, 2017, and 2018. There are two 2018 calculations — one is based on the tax brackets under the old tax plan and the other is based on the tax brackets under the new tax plan.

Using the “Applying 2016-2018 Tax Brackets in One Step” web page is simple:

Select your Filing Status: (Single, Married filing jointly, Married filing separately, or Head of household) and then enter your expected taxable income (after deductions). The “Applying 2016-2018 Tax Brackets” Calculator will then display your expected Federal Income Tax for:

  • 2016 (old plan):
  • 2017 (old plan):
  • 2018 (old plan):
  • 2018 (new plan):

These calculations give the tax before any credits are applied.

You can find the new “Applying 2016-2018 Tax Brackets in One Step” at


Thomas Fitzsimmonds December 18, 2017 at 3:10 pm

Using this format, I will realize a $2500 reduction in my income tax.


Steve Morse is just amazing with his very simple, plain, but fantastic little website tools.


Problem in his calculations. It shows my tax liability as zero for married filing separately. Always zero, regardless of income.


Remember, your deductions will be VERY different under the “new” plan. Higher for some, lower for others. In many cases this week be enough to change a decrease to an increase in taxes owed.


But is it really that simple? I’m just supposed to enter my taxable income after deductions, but isn’t it the deductions that have changed? As I understand it my state tax is no longer deductible. I don’t know what else isn’t.


If Steve Morse is correct, the tax liability for my husband and me will be about $2,600 less. We’ve been supportive of this tax plan for individuals and businesses since day one, and we feel confident it will surely stimulate the nation’s economy. Hey, I’ll have more to spend on genealogy!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!


I’ve been following the bill carefully. WIth the increase in the standard deduction we won’t have to itemize anymore. YIPEE!! So much less work. With the decreased tax brackets we’ll save a bunch and can afford to transfer money from our IRA to a Roth, paying the tax now so we won’t have to later. Hooray for Congress!


    Anybody who uses this and thinks the number that results will be close to their tax liability is in for a big surprise.
    For example, the new law makes big changes in standard deductions and child exemptions (which will hurt folks with multiple children, and may help empty nesters), and makes a significant change with the deductibilty of state income and local property taxes.


A nice reduction from last year. Not as much as promised during the campaign but no surprises there.


Ohhh if I file as married filing separately I will owe ZERO!!!!!! WOOOO! this must be a bug.


Ok let us say most married couples will save about $1,500 (may be on the low side) and singles will say about $750. Wonder what that will do to the national debt. I do not think I want to know the answer to this question. Someone has to pay for this debt and it will probably be our children and grandchildren. This bill enriches business so they can pay larger salaries and buy new equipment, etc. but there is no guarantee they will do that. I do not trust any bill written by 1 party (be it republican or democrat) that was put together so hastily & secretly that those voting for the bill it did not really understand what they were voting on. if I gain any savings I will put it in the bank or pay bills. I think we will need this money in the years to come.
Do you really think the government is doing this for the middle class. Look what the upper class got out of this and then compare it with what the middle class is getting. I do not feel the crumb they sent the middle class are going to make that much difference. I HOPE I TURN OUT TO BE WRONG IN WHAT I AM SAYING HERE.

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Most American’s aren’t liable for Federal or State Income Taxes anyway. See and find out why. I have been exempt for 3 years now.



    Before you follow that advice, you also might want to read about the legal problems experienced by the author of that book at


    Well, I spent about 2 years researching the information presented on examining the U.S. Constitutjon, the IRC and all Supreme Court decisions related to the excise tax codified in the Internal Revenue Code, concluded that it wasn’t a scam and submitted my first educated information return in 2014. I have been exempt from state and federal income tax since then. Readers should make up their own minds though.



Vienna Diane Spencer January 1, 2018 at 2:48 pm

Out of curiosity, I input into Steve Morse’s form, different earning amounts to see What amount of “savings” I’d be given under the old vs. the new plan. And wouldn’t ya know it? The MORE I’d made, the MORE Taxes I SAVED! So, once again, the REPUBLICANS have come-up w/ a Tax Plan that FAVORS the Higher-Earners and RICH among us, & penalizes the working class! Same Old “stick-it-to-the-workers” to support the Wealthy BUSINESS Owners…what a Joke! YEAH, Let’s Make America GREAT, Again! Oh SURE!


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