Online Archives of the Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel Newspapers are now Available

The Milwaukee Journal print editions going back to 1884, Milwaukee Sentinel papers going back to 1910, and the Journal Sentinel dailies from 1995 through 2007 are back online again. The online archives were a part of the Google News Archive project that has now ended.

The archives are available at:

Details are available in the Journal Sentinel web site at:

My thanks to newsletter reader Barb Johnson for telling me about the archives.


September of 1954, the Milwaukee Journal’s, Sunday, Rotogravure ran a picture feature called, “The Farmer’s Friend,” the C&NW Railroad’s branch line from Madison into Southwestern Wisconsin. One picture showed my dad (Tony Steinhoff) at his telegraph at the Montfort Depot. Could I get a file with that picture?


could get articles wrote by bonnie stower’s from dec. of 1982—feb of 1983. about murder charges against thomas church. thank you


Where can I get a copy of the TV guide from December 24, 1996 My girls and I watched a movie as we can’t remember the name and would like to make the movie a tradition for us


looks like the journal sentinel is no longer again on google archives


Journal and Sentinel are both not found on Google, they are available at certain pay websites or local Milwaukee libraries on microfilm.


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